Karate Kalyani files a complaint against 20 YouTube channels

Hyderabad: Tollywood Character Artist Kalyani Karate filed a complaint with CCS on Friday against 20 YouTube channels on obscene prank videos. She filed a complaint with the CCS with all the supporting documents. CCS Police have registered an FIR under Sections 67A and 509 of the Information Technology Act. Notices will be posted to YouTube channels shortly and the investigation is ongoing.

It is to be mentioned here that, Karate Kalyani filed a complaint at SR Nagar Police Station against YouTuber Srikanth Reddy alleging that she was abused and assaulted by him. She alleged that she received numerous complaints from women against Srikanth who allegedly not only created abusive content on YouTube but also featured women in an obscene manner in his videos. On the other hand, Srikanth Reddy also filed a lawsuit against Karate Kalyani alleging that she abused and attacked him.

Karate Kalyani has been in the news for quite some time now with one or the other issue. It should be mentioned here that

Karate Kalyani has landed in a new row with the allegations that she adopted a three-month-old child in violation of the rules. Officials from the Department of Child Welfare attended his residence in Hyderabad with the police after receiving a complaint on the 1098 children’s line. However, as the actor and the child were unavailable , officials questioned his mother and brother. Kalyani’s mother told authorities that she had legally adopted the child. Officials learned that a third daughter had been born to a couple in the town and that Kalyani had adopted her through someone she knew. Officials said Kalyani’s whereabouts were not known. They said the actor didn’t answer calls on his cell phone.

It came two days after Kalyani created a ruckus on a road in Yousufguda area by slapping YouTuber Srikant Reddy after an argument over his objectionable prank videos. The actor carried the child in a baby carrier. A man accompanying him assaulted Srikant Reddy, who fought back and also slapped Kalyani. A video, which has gone viral on social networks, shows the actor falling to the ground. Those who accompanied him then chased and attacked the YouTuber, whose shirt was completely torn. Reddy complained to the police that she attacked him. The actor also filed a counter-complaint against the Youtubeur. Karate Kalyani, real name Padaala Kalyani, has acted as a character artist in many Tollywood movies. In recent months, she has been active on social issues and has often landed in controversy. Last August, she joined the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

Later, Karate Kalyani who is accused of illegally adopting a baby girl will appear before Hyderabad Collector, Child Protection and Social Welfare officials along with the parents of the child. Officers from the Child Protection Committee had gathered all the details about the adopted child based on the actress’ press briefing.

The CWC had first gone to the actor’s home to investigate the matter after receiving a tip on the 1098 children’s line that she had illegally adopted a three-month-old baby girl. The CWC had again sent him a formal notice to deposit them with the child. If the investigation found that the child was illegally adopted by the actress, the actress must face legal action under the Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act 2015 .

These allegations came to her after the actress allegedly assaulted a Youtuber last week. It should be noted that, by law, a child adoption can only be done through the Central Adoption Resource Authority (CARA) or SARA. It is only after a rigorous background search by the authorities that the child from government homes is handed over for adoption.

In a developmental twist, Karate Kalyani has denied all allegations against her of adopting a child. Kalyani met the collector from Hyderabad with the baby and the parents to inform about what exactly happened so far. While clarifying that she did not adopt a 5-month-old child, she told reporters that what she said with the YouTube channel was true.

“I had done it with the intention that someone could take inspiration from it after seeing me,” she added. The actress also said she had received no notification from social and child welfare officials. She called the whole fiasco around the kidnapping and trafficking allegations a conspiracy to bring her down.

Raymond T. Helms