Know the tattoos of Julien Solomita and his YouTube videos

Julien Solomita is a well-known blogger and web content creator who joined the YouTube family on December 8, 2012. His videos feature his pets as well as his partner Jenna Marbles on occasion. Jenna is also a huge YouTube sensation with over 20 million subscribers.

The couple have their own podcast on a separate channel called Jenna Julien, which bears their name. Not only that, but they also have a separate channel where they post gaming videos.

The couple and their dogs earn a lot of money by uploading videos to YouTube, and they live happily with their dogs. Julien, on the other hand, is not just a dog lover; he is also a great tattoo lover. Julien Solomita has a lot of tattoos all over his body so today we are going to look at his tattoos and the meaning behind them.

Her tattoos on her arms

Julien Solomita’s arm tattoo is one of his biggest, despite the fact that he has many small tattoos and never had a big one. Among all his tattoos, his arm tattoo is the one he cherishes the most. On his arm is a tattoo of a Slurpee cup. A Slurpee is a frozen soft drink available at 7-Eleven.

The story behind isn’t the weirdest in the world, but rather simple. Julien and his friends, Brandon and Andrew, used to go to 7-Eleven on July 11 when they were younger. 7-Eleven used to hand out free Slurpees to everyone that day.

Julien and his friends decided to make it a tradition to get a Slurpee from 7-Eleven that day. The main reason Julien got the Slurpee Cup tattoo is to remember a special moment he shared with his sadly deceased friend Brandon.

friendship tattoos

Julien blogged the whole experience of getting a tattoo in a video he uploaded on April 9, 2018. He got a pin tattoo on his arm that day. It was a small tattoo, but the purpose was to hang out with friends rather than getting a tattoo. Julien admitted that getting tattooed with friends is more enjoyable than doing it alone.

Jenna, Julien Solomita’s girlfriend, got a dinosaur tattoo and named it chef Jennifer. She claims to be her spirit guide, to whom she will reveal all her secrets. Julien’s friends have all tattooed themselves, and you can find out more about them by watching his vlog.

Julien’s other tattoos on his arms

Julien got a tattoo on his wrist of a dancing skeleton on an island with a few coconut trees and a boat. Mr. Max is the name he gives to the skeleton. Julien’s tattoo took about nine hours of patience. Julien Solomita’s net worth is estimated at thousands of dollars based on the variety of tattoos he has all over his body.

He also has a buttercup tattooed on his arm, among other things. Buttercup was a cow that unfortunately died of a heart attack. Julien first met Buttercup in 2017 during a visit to the Gentle Barn. In honor of his favorite cow, Buttercup, he decided to get a tattoo.

Julien also had an iron giant tattooed on his arm, which he got at an exhibition. It’s a pixelated iron giant done above his Slurpee cup tattoo and below his Buttercup tattoo. Julien got the tattoo because he grew up watching the animated film The Iron Giant and was a big fan of it.

Julien’s Iron Giant tattoo pairs beautifully with his Skeleton, Slurpee Cup and Buttercup tattoos.

wrist tattoo

Julien Solomita has a cloud tattooed on his wrist with a line. He documented the entire event on his YouTube channel, as he always does. Daniel designed his tattoo, which only took twenty minutes.

Moving on, Julian and Collin Duddy host a show called Last Minute Trip, in which they use darts to determine their next destination. So they decided to get tattoos based on where their dart landed on a piece of paper during the Shamrock Tattoo show. This particular piece of paper had a variety of random designs on it. Collin got sunglasses tattooed, while Julien got a dog tattoo.

Julien and Inked both blogged about it, and Inked also uploaded it to their official YouTube channel. So, if you’re interested in seeing the whole thing, go to Julien’s YouTube channel or Inked.

Raymond T. Helms