Learn more about zero waste from these 8 YouTube channels

Zero waste has become a hot topic in recent years. It’s a way of life where you aim to produce as little waste as possible to conserve resources and reduce pollution.

Living a zero waste lifestyle is a great idea. But don’t be fooled by how simple it may seem. It’s not easy to know what to do or where to start on your zero waste journey.

Technology these days makes it incredibly easy and convenient to learn almost anything. Let’s learn more about zero waste with these eight YouTube channels!

Where would we be without YouTube? Probably still trying to find useful information at the local library. Luckily, on the Trash is for Tossers YouTube channel, you can find loads of zero waste lifestyle videos.

You can use this helpful content on your zero waste journey to learn lifestyle tips and tricks. Learn how to integrate zero waste into your daily life with easy DIYs, as well as create alternatives, like turning a towel into a reusable bag. If you want to turn your beauty routine into a zero waste practice, there are videos covering zero waste skin care, hair care, and makeup.

Overall, Trash is for Tossers aims to make zero waste profitable, accessible and fun. You can learn how to make zero-waste cold and flu medicine from simple ingredients like apple cider vinegar, garlic, ginger, cayenne pepper, lemon juice, and more.


You don’t have to call or search for a zero waste activist in your community to learn all about the zero waste lifestyle. All you have to do is go online to Gittemary Johansen’s YouTube channel, and voila!

We recommend subscribing to this channel and turning on notifications as Gittemary regularly uploads beneficial videos on zero waste living. There’s a fantastic playlist where you can learn practical zero-waste tips, like saving napkins you get from restaurants, reusing jars from the supermarket, and buying “ugly” produce.

You can even use YouTube to download and save her zero waste wedding videos if you’re looking for inspiration for your big day. Some helpful tips include renting or borrowing items, as well as sending digital invitations and save the date cards.

Zero waste can positively impact your physical health, increase mindfulness, and save you money along the way. So, if you want to learn more about zero waste through entertaining videos, head over to the popular Goodful YouTube channel.

Did you know that food waste is a serious problem? The Trash Kitchen series teaches you how to cook zero-waste meals using items you would normally toss in the trash without thinking twice.

Auri makes it easy to turn leftover food into delicious dishes in this series. For example, it turns bean juice into meringues, juice pulp into burgers, and even carrot tops into delicious ice cream.

There’s so much useful content online about multiple things on the Goodful channel, from meditation and health awareness to zero waste hacks and vegan recipe inspiration.

The zero waste lifestyle not only impacts your personal life and health, but also your whole household. So moving to a zero waste lifestyle can be a lot easier if your whole family gets involved.

The YouTube channel, Zero Waste Family, is exactly what it sounds like. A family that does its best to live without waste, so that their children can enjoy our beautiful planet in the future. Their family videos are always interesting and you can learn how to make zero waste everyday items and routines. For example: creating craft crayons for children, preparing excellent zero-waste coffee and doing laundry in a zero-waste way.

Be sure to watch Zero Time to Waste, a film they created about their zero waste journey and their mission to inspire their community. Their website also offers online courses for a small fee if you want to learn more about composting, gardening, and zero waste 101.

Zero waste is about reducing what you need, reusing what you can, and trying to produce as little waste as possible. If you want to learn the ins and outs of zero waste, this YouTube channel is for you.

The Going Zero Waste YouTube channel aims to make zero waste an easy, step-by-step process for beginners. However, there are dozens of valuable videos on the channel that you’ll love no matter where you are on your zero waste journey.

Plus, there’s a great 31-day zero waste challenge you should try. It’s for everyone, regardless of their level, beginner or advanced, and the daily videos feature different instructions or challenges that you can complete.

By registering and joining the community on the Going Zero Waste website, you will receive a free and handy e-book titled: “A Crash Course in Going Zero Waste”.

Frequent uploads and lots of videos mean the Blue Ollis YouTube channel can provide you with up-to-date and fresh content. You can subscribe to follow the latest trends, such as information on veganism, wellness and minimalism, which all go hand in hand with zero waste.

One of the best Blue Channel playlists has over 50 zero waste lifestyle videos. Here, you can learn about simple substitutions, zero-waste gift ideas, and sustainable grocery shopping, along with helpful habits and tips.

If you’re going zero waste, you can try some simple swaps in his videos. Try air-drying your laundry instead of using the dryer, using natural cleaning products instead of chemicals, and finally adopting a plant-based diet.

YouTube is a platform that contains a gold mine of inspiring and informative videos. One of the best living zero waste resources is the Bottega Zero Waste YouTube channel.

Did you know you can make your beauty routine zero waste? It is possible, and the wide range of videos on this channel makes it exceptionally easy. But if you’re intrigued by making your own beauty products, head over to the Bottega Zero Waste website.

All you have to do is register on the site and you can join the free online workshops to learn how to make solid soaps and shampoos. Plus, there’s a mini skincare course that will turn your bathroom into a completely zero-waste space.

The Girl Gone Green, also known as Manuela Baron, aims to encourage and educate others about the zero waste lifestyle, so that we can all live on a beautiful, clean and prosperous planet.

His channel features a range of videos on recycling, sustainable living, composting and a full playlist dedicated to zero waste. The playlist is fantastic for beginners who need help transitioning to a zero waste lifestyle.

For those looking for inspiration, she has a video about her minimalist studio as well as zero-waste grocery videos. Manuela also has an engaging TEDx Talks video where she talks about living zero waste and sharing her tips and tricks on zero waste living.

Zero waste living is easier thanks to YouTube

Changing your entire lifestyle to become zero waste is not only scary, but it’s difficult and confusing. Where to start your journey to make sure you don’t waste your time and give up after a few days?

YouTube is one of the best places online to find a huge library of amazing zero waste resources. Whether your goal is to make your own soap, make a dish out of leftover food, or turn your whole family into zero waste, these eight YouTube channels are a great place to start.

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