Live a life of health and wellness with these 7 YouTube channels

The simple definition of wellness is taking specific steps to achieve good physical and mental health. Although it might mean different things to different people. Maybe you see wellness as being about exercising often, eating healthy, and meditating, while someone else sees wellness simply as a positive approach to life.

Whatever your vision of wellness, it doesn’t hurt to have a little help along the way. If you want to learn more about health and wellness, here are some enlightening YouTube channels you won’t be able to stop reading.

Having a good sense of mental well-being goes hand in hand with a healthy life. If you’re not in a positive mental state, it can affect the way you feel, think, and act. The School of Life is a YouTube channel dedicated to helping you be better, whether that means understanding yourself better or improving your relationships.

The School of Life is not only a YouTube resource for wonderful videos, like Secrets to a Healthy Mind or How to Overcome OCD, but it also spans all platforms. You can visit the School of Life website for online classes, workshops, and events. Interesting virtual courses cover topics such as how to develop self-knowledge.


You can even download The School of Life app, where you’ll find a huge library of their best tools, like audio lessons, hands-on exercises, and teachings.

Popular videos on their channel include the following:

  • What is mental health? (Youtube)
  • What is Emotional Intelligence? (Youtube)

To download: The School of Life for Android | iOS (free, subscription available)

For some people, the most important part of wellness is exercising often, eating healthy meals, and maintaining their beauty. These aspects of wellness might also speak to you, and if they do, join model Sanne Vloet on her personal wellness journey. Sanne uses her YouTube channel to share videos about her fitness routines, eating habits, and other lifestyle topics.

Sanne devotes an entire month to well-being. During this month, she shares her fitness program, which is a combination of strength training and Pilates classes online. The last week of Wellness Month includes a five-minute Pilates class for a flat stomach. This quick workout works well before or after intense Tabata workouts.

One of the best parts of the Pick Up Limes channel is how quiet and tasteful the videos are. Another great part is that this is an awesome YouTube channel for vegan recipes. Plus, there’s a wide range of other videos related to health, wellness, minimalism, and the vegan lifestyle in general.

For new ways to manage stress, watch the Decrease Stress video above. Here you can learn some helpful tips to help you relax, like having a hot drink and celebrating the little things.

Pick Up Limes will eventually have its own mobile app. While waiting for the release of the application, you can visit the Pick Up Limes website to read interesting articles. Be sure to read the article, Pick Up Limes: The Plate Method, which describes how to create and prepare a well-balanced meal.

As mentioned earlier, the aspect of wellness is different for everyone. The Well+Good YouTube channel covers virtually everything in the world of wellness, from fitness and skincare tips to delicious recipes and self-care tips.

Start by trying the chest opening yoga flow. In this video, Traci Copeland walks you through a 20-minute session to relieve any tension in your upper body. It’s perfect for office workers who spend a lot of time sitting hunched over at a desk. Runners can also benefit from this yoga sequence after a long run.

Then tune in to the weekly Well+Good podcast to learn more about living well. A recent episode covered gut health, including what it is and how to maintain it.

Mental well-being is just as important as staying in shape and having a healthy diet. Aileen’s YouTube channel, Lavendaire, focuses on taking charge of your mental health. She regularly posts videos on healing, manifesting, healthy habits, and self-care.

You will thoroughly enjoy her 20-minute guided meditation for positive energy, relaxation and peace. For more peaceful guided meditation sessions for beginners, try Guided Self-Love Meditation or Guided Sleep Meditation.

Besides her YouTube channel, Aileen runs The Lavendaire Lifestyle Podcast, where she discusses personal growth and lifestyle design. Start with episode 181, in which she chats with Jasmine Lipska about people satisfaction, self-esteem, and healing your inner child.

If you’re looking for a channel that makes you feel loved and supported when you’re going through a tough day, then you’ve found the perfect place. Carrie Rad brings a refreshing perspective to wellness, whether she’s casually talking about self-care, self-love, travel, wellness, lifestyle, or beauty.

Do you want to be your best self? Try watching some of the videos on Carrie’s Self-Love Playlists, where she discusses creating better morning habits like stretching, taking walks, and journaling. Also, if you can’t come up with any healthy ideas for dinner, check out his “what I eat in a day” videos.

Popular videos include the following:

  • How to Stop Negative Thinking (YouTube)
  • 7 self-care hacks that will change your life (YouTube)

Run by Kalyn, the All Things Koze YouTube channel is what she likes to call a digital cafe that’s packed with content on everything from mental health and spirituality to motivation and yoga flows.

Although Kalyn hosts a podcast called Kalyn’s Coffee Talk, you should watch a video or two from her YouTube playlist on wellness and mental health instead. His video, One Mindset Shift for a Peaceful Life, is particularly interesting. Here she explains how to react instead of react and how this change can create a positive change in your life.

That being said, if you want to join the conversation with Kalyn, her podcast is available on several podcast hosting sites. Episodes cover pregnancy, mental health, how to set and respect boundaries, and other topics.

YouTube’s wellness resources can help you stay happy and healthy

Wellness is a bit of a calling for many people, as it should be, as it’s an important part of living a fulfilling life. These YouTube channels can inspire and motivate you to adopt healthier habits so you can thrive instead of just survive.

Raymond T. Helms