Manchu Yuvasena Association Files Complaint Over Meme Pages and YouTube Channels

Tirupati: In a bid to counter the rise of trolls and social media negativity against the Manchurian Family, the Manchurian Yuvasena Fans Association on Wednesday filed a lawsuit against some meme pages and YouTube channels, at the SP office in the urban district of Tirupati.

Association President Sunil Chakravarthy and others have delivered a letter of complaint in this regard to Tirupati SP Ch. Venkata Appala Naidu. They mentioned that for the past few days, personal trolls and derogatory remarks against the Manchu family have been posted on social media.

Following the release of Mohan Babu’s latest film “Son of India”, memes and trolls against the actor and his family have been pouring in on social media. The lead actor has become an online target for his new movie, which failed to create any box office magic. A number of trolls have mocked Mohan Babu for not being able to attract many spectators to theaters.

Meanwhile, many photos and videos have also made the rounds on social media to track the interaction of Manchu Mohan Babu and his son Manchu Vishnu with PA Minister Perni Nani. Against this backdrop, the actor’s family retaliated with their PR team by issuing a letter to meme pages and YouTube channels, urging them not only to refrain from posting derogatory content in the future, but also to delete all those published.

Previously, members of the association also issued a legal notice to trolls. “As pre-bookings for Mohan Babu’s film ‘Son of India’ began, social media was flooded with memes and trolls. Due to this, opening day bookings were low,” said said fan association president Chakravarthy in an interview with reporters at the SP office.

“At the time too, Manchu Vishnu and his family members were targeted in the MAA elections. There were also many trolls about Vishnu in this election, but he ended up winning the job. Now trolling has become derogatory after the release of “Son of India”. Even women were targeted and hunted down,” Chakravarthy lamented.

A few days ago, Mohan Babu and his son and MAA President Vishnu Manchu also filed a legal complaint against online bullies and websites that made fun of the movie. In a letter released by the father-son duo, they denounced the mockery as it outright hurt their feelings and called on all social media platforms to look into their complaint and remove the abusive comments immediately.

Raymond T. Helms