Marshmello’s Rise to Stardom Chronicle in YouTube Artist Spotlight Series –

Watching a man in a marshmallow suit become arguably the world’s greatest DJ may raise the question, “How did we get here?” Those curious about MarshmallowThe origins of Youtubeit is Artist Spotlight Series dives into its meteoric trajectory into EDM orbit and beyond.

Starting with Moe ShaliziThe brand’s initial design itself, “Marshmello – More Than Music” reveals the sequence of events that made the masked DJ/producer into a world-famous personality. Among them are his first performance alongside Skrillex and the viral success of the “Alone” music video – and along the way, the story is backed by comments from people like Tiesto, Martin Garrix and chain smokers.

This week is the best time for Marshmello to keep tabs on him with partnerships like his Artist Spotlight Series documentary. On Friday, he will release his next album, Joytime IIIwhose tracklist includes collaborations with artists like Flux Pavilion, Slushii and A day to remember.

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In the meantime, Marshmello will resume his tour with a showpiece performance at Electric playground in Macka, Turkey on Wednesday, July 3.



Raymond T. Helms