Max Kallschmidt suddenly deletes YouTube videos after Moriah split comes to light

While Welcome to Plathville tells all about Max Kallschmidt and Moriah Plath’s breakup, he uploaded a video to YouTube detailing the reason behind it. When the video was mentioned, fans rushed to find it – but he deleted it.

Viewers saw Max meet up with Moriah’s brother to explain what happened, while Moriah remained mostly schtum about what her ex did to ‘f*** up’ during their relationship, leaving those watching curious. of their separation.

Max later confessed that he kissed a girl, but as the post-separation events unfolded, a video was mentioned that saw him talk about their sudden breakup. Turns out he deleted it before most fans saw it, but here’s the gossip.

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Max from the Welcome to Plathville video

Max shared a video, which was available on his YouTube channel with 1.5,000 subscribers, just four weeks ago. He explained why he and Moriah broke up and told viewers the couple constantly argued.

He started his own YouTube channel after his success on the TLC show and used his channel to update fans on his relationship with Moriah in February 2022, where he opened up about their breakup.

The TLC star added that he wasn’t happy about living with Ethan and Olivia. Max also clarified initial rumors that he cheated on Moriah, explaining that he “crossed some lines.”

Max opened up about his experience with therapy while on hiatus from Moriah. This stems from a conversation he had with Kim and Barry, where Kim told him he needed help to get over the things that were holding him back.

His mother put him in touch with Coach Britney, a fast-transforming therapist from her hometown. Max said it helped him uncover a layer of his life that he didn’t know was bothering him, including family and physical trauma.

Max also commented that the therapy had “rewired” itself into the way he thinks and perceives situations, calling it “invaluable”.

He deleted his YouTube content

Max has now deleted all of his YouTube content, but hasn’t deleted his channel, since mention of the exact video appeared on Welcome to Plathville. This meant fans were unable to watch the 20-minute video.

His Instagram has also been made private, meaning the only social network where we can see what he’s up to is his Facebook page. Moriah updates her social media often, but has deleted all photos involving her ex.

Since their split, Moriah has focused on her singing career and traveled to 16 states in just five months! The last update we can see from Max was in February, when the video was released, involving a “Grow Your Business” ad.

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Fans eager to find Max’s video

When a video was mentioned during the June 14 episode of Welcome to Plathville, the majority of viewers have taken to the internet to find the exact one. However, they were disappointed when he was nowhere to be found.

A fan said: “Directly on google to see what Max said… #welcometoplathville.”

When a viewer took to Twitter to ask where the video was, another social media user wrote: “I need it now!!”

“I hope someone has it!”, reacted another viewer.



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