Minecraft YouTube videos hit a trillion views

YouTube videos often get millions or even billions of views, but the hit game Minecraft hit another milestone this year. Combined, all of the Minecraft videos on YouTube have surpassed a trillion views on the platform.

In a video posted to the official YouTube channel, the platform celebrates dozens of its Minecraft-centric creators and many, many Collectively passing over a trillion views. On a separate blog post, YouTube reviews the last 12 years of data.

This year, Minecraft YouTube reached an almost unimaginable milestone: videos related to the game have been viewed over a trillion times.

If each of those trillion views lasted just one second, that would be over 30,000 years. If every view was a 12-inch-square Minecraft block, you could build a stack from Earth to the sun and back – with around seven million miles to spare. It’s the size of a trillion views. So how do you get there? We’ve looked at the data (all 12 years of daily downloads and views from tens of thousands of creators and millions of viewers) and now that we have our way, we can show you.

Breaking down those trillion views, YouTube says the most popular form of Minecraft video is animation, with other recent trends also taking a large chunk of the view count. Survival multiplayer videos, unsurprisingly, have always been a big part of total views.

A really impressive stat about YouTube’s breakdown is how far the total number of views have come over the past two years. It Took Over Eight Years For Minecraft Videos To Hit 500 Billion Views, But less than two to double that number to one trillion. Obviously, the game isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

The Official Minecraft Channel also released a video today celebrating the game’s online community, bringing a player from the very first version of the game to see how things have progressed to the present day.

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