Night Media signs YouTube artist Moriah Elizabeth and her 60 million monthly views (exclusive)

Moriah Elizabeth wears several hats: YouTuber, graphic designer, crafter, squishie lover…But the one who got him signed with Night media is contractor.

Elizabeth, who is 25 and has 5.43 million subscribers on Youtube, is the latest designer to join the management company’s roster, a move that puts her among the platform’s top talent, like MrBeast (43 million subscribers), Preston (14.4 million), ZHC (15 million), Azzyland (12.8 million), and Matt Stonie (12 millions). She is now represented by Michael Gordon, vice president of talent management at Night Media.

Like many career YouTubers, Elizabeth didn’t initially plan on making the platform her full-time job. She started her channel in 2012, when she graduated from high school, and updated it sporadically as a hobby, posting listicle-style parodies and vlogs. Then, as a freshman in visual art and technology, she made her first viral hit: a page-by-page recap of how she artfully “destroyed” her copy of the famous creative workbook. Destroy this journal. The response to that video – now at over 3.3 million views – is what made her realize that YouTube could connect her with an audience for her art.

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Elizabeth maintained her presence on YouTube throughout college, after her first Wreck video with twenty others. It has occasionally expanded into other artistic endeavors, such as DIY making and decorating soft squishables, but his main passion (and the most popular topic on his channel) was always his finished diaries. With that in mind, she self-published her own collection of creative prompts, called Create this book. Like Wreck, Elizabeth’s book invites readers to create art directly on the pages; she advises using pens, acrylic paints, chalk, and charcoal to fill in prompts such as “Create Monochrome,” “Create Without Thinking,” and “Create Boredom.”

In the years following the publication To create, Elizabeth went out with many other products, including a second guest book, clothing, and lines of enamel pins and die-cut stickers, all featuring her art. These articles and his channel, which generates around 60 million views per month, have been his full-time job since 2018.

Reed Duchscher, founder and CEO of Night Media, says Tubular filter these products make Elizabeth an ideal candidate for her management company. “We don’t represent creators,” he says. “We represent entrepreneurs who happen to be great creators.”

Night reached out to Elizabeth in July, he says, because they were intrigued by how she’s building her brand. “She got to talk about her goals and ambitions for products and software,” says Duchscher. He adds that because Elizabeth does not yet have products in retail stores (she sells current products through her digital showcase), it will be “a big goal” for Night in the future.

“Night Media represents some of the biggest creators on YouTube, so it’s super exciting to be part of such a dynamic team,” says Elizabeth. “I decided to partner with them to help take my brand to the next level. I’m really looking forward to seeing what we can accomplish together!

Raymond T. Helms