Outrageous Ban on YouTube Crypto Channels Takes Content Creators by Shock!

Social media giant YouTube bans channels that deal with cryptocurrency

Let’s see a tweet:

From the above, it is quite evident that YouTube has banned the account of Bankless, a channel that deals in educating subscribers about cryptocurrency and its market. Not only Bankless, but several channels dealing with cryptocurrency have been banned from YouTube.

The use of social media for CryptoCurrency:

Although we all know it, social media and cryptocurrency have merged from a common technological development which is digital development. As social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook play an important role in educating their users with valuable information, cryptocurrencies have become the digital currency of the world. Cryptocurrency exchanges use digital media to a large extent to inform about changes in currencies.

What happens when one digital medium takes over another?

We have all heard of many content creators dealing with cryptocurrency complaining about bans, restrictions imposed by social media platforms without any proper explanation. This type of ban usually affects the cryptocurrency market significantly. No proper information is transmitted at the right time, resulting in significant loss for both the user dealing with cryptocurrencies and the content creator.

Why did YouTube ban channels dealing with cryptocurrency? Let’s find out!

YouTube has a mountain of privacy policies that the content creator must follow when posting content. If the content violates even one of the privacy policies, strict action is taken against that content and the channel. For example, a few years ago, YouTube banned the channels of two well-known content creators, namely “Ivan on Tech” and “The Moon”, citing a violation of the company’s privacy policy.

Let’s follow the case study of The Moon!

The Moon received after many tweets an update from YouTube. The YouTube notice said there was nothing wrong with the content that was uploaded but the title of the video which read “Warning!! The financial crisis has begun! Isn’t bitcoin refuge in this bloodbath?” were inappropriate and violated the “Sales of Goods and Services Policy.” The YouTuber, who then had around 89,000 subscribers, explained that while Bitcoin was censorship-resistant, YouTube videos were not.

What happened to the Bankless affair?

After numerous tweets and protests from Bankless, YouTube unblocked the channel. After the ban, content creator Ryan Adams tweeted to YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki thanking him for unbanning his channel and asking him to come to his podcast to discuss the issue. Once, Ryan discovered that other channels dealing with cryptocurrency were banned. He showed his annoyance in a tweet that read “They can misrepresent you at any time for any reason and they don’t have to tell you why. That’s why we need Web3. He also tweeted that “We all need to switch to Web3social to retain our freedom of speech.”

Raymond T. Helms