Over half of Pakistani YouTube channel audience is based overseas – Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: More than 55% of viewership of Pakistani YouTube channels come from outside the country, indicating that content created by local YouTubers is very popular around the world, Google’s Country Director for Pakistan, Farhan Qureshi.

“More than 300 Pakistani channels on YouTube have over 1 million subscribers, showing an overall growth of 35% over the previous year,” Qureshi said during a virtual panel discussion attended by the creators of four popular accounts – “Ducky Bhai”, “Something”. Haute’, ‘Sistrology’ and ‘Street Food PK’.

In addition, more than 4,500 YouTube channels had more than 100,000 subscribers, registering a growth rate of 45%, he said.

YouTube is one of the most popular video platforms in Pakistan and across the world. The country has seen an increase in the number of content creators and their followers over the past few years.

Mr Qureshi said popular Pakistani YouTube channels are now earning more than one million rupees a year, recording a growth rate of more than 140% year-on-year.

He said YouTube encourages its content creators to become financially stable. During the panel discussion, content creators also shared stories from their YouTube journey on how they started it, how they managed to build a community, how YouTube changed their lives, and where they are. today.

During the roundtable, content creators shared their experiences on their YouTube journey.

Saad Ur Rehman, popularly known as “Ducky Bhai”, recalled that he started his YouTube channel five years ago.

“I used to do video tutorials on games and tech, asking traders and friends to lend me their gadgets so I could record videos on them,” he said. “I learned to edit, I created ‘Ducky Bhai’ and things changed. It became podcasts, vlogs and “Ducky Extra”.

Posted in Dawn, June 9, 2022

Raymond T. Helms