Quality YouTube channels that could have easily made it to TV

If you grew up between the 1950s and 2000s, television is such an influential and long-standing source of entertainment buried deep within your nostalgic psyche. Today, broadcast and even basic and premium cable are beginning to lose their influence in terms of home viewing habits for entertainment. YouTube, with its endless array of channels and independent creators, is a unique haven of on-demand entertainment offerings that knows no bounds. Well, maybe it knows some limitations since YouTube has nothing to do with its 2005 launch. spent on apps like TikTok, and to a lesser extent. , YouTube, so even YouTube is starting to fall into its own demographic in an age of endless viewing choices. But for those nostalgic for the golden days of date TV and channel browsing, there are plenty of quality YouTube channels by independent creators that could easily be found on broadcast cable, basic or premium. Here are 5 YT channels that could easily have been on TV of yesteryear.

scary mysteries is a channel that started in 2016 from independent creators New Dawn Films. In the vein of the 80s and 90s, Robert Stack-animated Unsolved mysteries, this prolific channel produces between 3 and 5 videos every week exploring the scariest true crime cases, bizarre missing persons cases, a wide variety of paranormal, cryptic and supernatural stories, as well as true stories related to UFOs. This type of show is saturated everywhere now in the age of “content”, but there is something chilling and unique about the way creators edit, tell and present these stories that cannot be found in other similar channels. The editing and production are so good, in fact, that it wouldn’t be far to imagine it on something like the Syfy Channel or Investigation Discovery. “Every Town Has a Dark Side” even plays as a weekly 30-minute episode.

One thing you’re sure to notice once you’ve gone down the YouTube rabbit hole is that for every search topic there are hundreds of channels – and only a handful of them are of decent quality. . Like true crime and the paranormal, this is also true for musical commentary channels – not to mention the awful God musical “reaction” channels. rock teacher pulls through it all by combining his heartfelt passion for rock music across the decades with superb presentation and storytelling style. He even gets access to interviews with famous rock stars from time to time, and his interviewing skills and commitment to quality issues is something that was lacking even in the glory days of MTV and VH1. Anything and everything from music from the 1950s to today is covered, and it’s full quality with no filler.

At this point, virtually everyone has heard of The hottest—that YouTube series where random celebrities feast on increasingly spicy wings while answering series host Sean Evans’ brain questions. I must confess that I have consistently avoided clicking on any of these videos for the longest time; that was until I finally clicked on the now classic Gordon Ramsey episode of 2019. I laughed so hard I had to catch my breath, but that can easily be explained by understanding the humor of Chef Gordon Ramsey’s unique rage. But there was also something oddly intriguing about the show’s format, perhaps because there’s something undeniably funny about watching people battle the searing agony of eating impossibly large amounts. of Scoville units. It’s easy to imagine The hottest part of the Comedy Central lineup. Outside of this show, there’s a lot more on the channel that revolves around food from around the world. Many of these shows are also tinged with humor, but there are also plenty that celebrate cooking in equal measure.

I’ve never been a hardcore PewDiePie – and it’s definitely a channel that would have been on HBO or maybe MTV late at night with lots of word bleeps – but its videos have a certain I can’t turn away if I wanted to quality. Rooted in absurdity and a good dose of nihilism in his worldview, Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg started his channel in 2010 and followed the traditional YouTube tropes of the time, namely let’s play content and comedic sketches eventually led to amassing millions of subscribers. and billions of views. Controversy began to follow in the mid-2010s, and largely for good reason. Even with its controversies and incitement to a wide range of polarizing reactions, Kjellberg’s unique and biting style of humor feels like a mix between the early 2000s Donkey and Da Ali G show. When a creator gets as massive as Kjellberg, especially online exclusively, the groans and edge lords seem to multiply to staggering levels of exhaustion, and that’s largely what follows PewDiePie. He’s done nothing worse than Bill Maher…and he’s on HBO.

Of all the educational channels that litter YouTube, there are a few that stand out in terms of pure narrative storytelling without the theatrics of some creators feeling the need to insert themselves into the material no matter what. fire of learning avoids all that nonsense and features episodes explaining practically everything under the sun. Specifically, history, mythology, lore, and language history make up a vast majority of the creator’s videos. Everything on this channel is History Channel quality, and to be honest lately it even surpasses the History Channel in terms of the variety and uniqueness of some of the more arcane historical topics covered. There are many story channels on YouTube, but fire of learning manages to make lessons engaging and engaging without the need to resort to welcoming monologues or unnecessary fluff to lengthen the run time.

Raymond T. Helms