Shakib Khan Files GD Against 13 YouTube Channels, FB Pages

TBS report

October 21, 2022, 6:15 p.m.

Last modification: October 21, 2022, 7:41 PM

Movie star Shakib Khan has filed a general log (GD) against 13 YouTube channels and Facebook pages over allegations of humiliating and defamatory posts infringing on his personal life.

Shakib Khan’s manager Moniruzzaman filed the GD with Gulshan Police Station on Friday (October 21) on the actor’s behalf, Duty Officer Moshtaq confirmed the news to The Business Standard.

As mentioned in the GD, some personal photos, fake news and video images of Shakib Khan are being circulated and posted on social media to harm his professional and personal life. This type of malicious and defamatory activities organized by some YouTube channels and Facebook pages is a clear violation of the law.

Shakib Khan’s image has been tarnished due to these satirical posts and videos and his family, relatives, friends and fans are humiliated in many ways, the statement added.

The links provided with the GD are sent to the Cybercrime Department for investigation, said the officer in charge of Gulshan Thana, BM Farman Ali.

If the allegations prove true, he said, action will be taken against those responsible.

News of Shakib Khan’s marriage to actress Bubli and their child was revealed on September 30.

Since then, there have been allegations that various controversial posts have been posted on several social media Facebook pages and YouTube channels.

Raymond T. Helms