Should you have multiple YouTube channels? The pros and cons

YouTube is the most popular video-sharing platform in the world, and many people have managed to create engaging channels that allow them to earn a full-time living doing what they love. Meanwhile, others use it just for a hobby, but derive enormous satisfaction from the content they produce.

If you watch some of your favorite creators, you might notice that they have more than one YouTube channel. Do you plan to do the same? You’ll want to consider the pros and cons of doing this before deciding.


Keep reading to learn the pros and cons of having multiple YouTube channels.

The benefits of having more than one YouTube channel

To start, we’ll look at the main benefits of having more than one YouTube channel.

1. Categorize your ideas

If you’re in the early stages of creating a YouTube channel, having a clear purpose will make it easier for viewers to decide whether or not they want to subscribe to your channel. And at the same time, you’ll probably want to go for a consistent video style when producing your content.

In some cases, you might like to make a wide range of videos. For example, you might want to create daily vlogs, but you’ll also like to do talking content. If you fall into this category, you’ll probably find it easier to categorize your ideas with multiple channels, especially if the topics vary.

Having a separate channel for vlogging will limit distractions on your main channel and ensure subscribers get the exact type of content they signed up for in the first place.

2. Explore more ideas

Humans are naturally curious and we have a wide range of things we want to talk about. But if you plan to take your YouTube channel seriously, you might find that your ideas don’t work by putting them all in one place.

Having multiple YouTube channels lets you explore more ideas. You can have a channel where you talk about photography, for example, and another where you share your travel adventures.

3. Reach more people

Almost all YouTube channels thrive because the person running them knows how to help or entertain people, or both. However, you are limiting yourself if you create a channel where you have multiple niches, and many subscribers who would benefit from your content may never find you as a result.

Having more than one YouTube channel will clearly define what you want to talk about, making your content more accessible to those looking for it. And because you have a clear goal for each channel, you’re more likely to grow a larger following in the long run.

4. Creative Freedom

Like when starting an Instagram page, keeping your theme consistent is a good idea if you want to build a successful YouTube channel. But while this approach can work to grow your audience, you run the risk of potentially stifling your creativity.

If you feel like you can’t change things, you could eventually burn out and quit YouTube. What is the solution, then? Well, one is to start a second channel.

When you start a second YouTube channel, you can use one of them for experimentation purposes only. This will give you a creative outlet, which will motivate you to post content to your main channel without feeling overwhelmed.

5. Keep it fun

Even if you’re incredibly passionate about a particular topic, you might get bored if you talk about the same thing over and over. And if you find yourself in this position, you might want to think about starting a second channel to shake things up a bit.

When you have two (or more) channels, you’ll find a lot more things to talk about, and you’ll often find you come up with ideas for the other channel when you’re in a state of flux.

6. Another source of income

You can start a YouTube channel with the goal of getting paid in the long run, but that shouldn’t be your primary goal. Nonetheless, having multiple YouTube channels presents a possible opportunity to develop an additional revenue stream in the future.

Of course, you’ll need to make sure you’re eligible for monetization on YouTube; you need to rack up at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours for that. You can also potentially earn money through referrals, client work, etc.

The disadvantages of having more than one YouTube channel

Although having an additional YouTube channel has several advantages, it is also important to consider the disadvantages.

1. You will probably have a huge workload

Anyone active on YouTube will tell you that growing and maintaining a channel takes a tremendous amount of work. You have to schedule, record, edit, render and upload your videos which is very time consuming.

If you have two channels, you will have a much higher workload. So, you might want to consider sticking with one until you’re comfortable with the save and download process (or you can outsource parts of your workflow).

2. Your energy will be divided between several things

Minimizing the number of places your energy goes is essential to achieving a goal; you want to retain as much energy and focus as possible. And running more than one YouTube channel will naturally mean you have yet another thing to focus on.

Having more than one YouTube channel can make you spend less time on your main goal, which can mean the goal takes longer to complete. And if you have a busy schedule elsewhere, you might find that you don’t even have time to manage two channels and consistently produce quality content.

3. You may need to create and manage multiple social media accounts

Like YouTube, platforms like Instagram are easier to grow when you separate your goals. If you are serious about building an online business, you may need to create separate profiles to maintain a clear focus.

If you have to create different social media accounts, you will potentially have an insurmountable workload. So, again, it’s worth waiting until you’re established on one YouTube channel before starting another.

Are you going to create another YouTube channel?

Many young people aspire to be YouTubers for several reasons, and it’s no surprise that they grew up in a world where ordinary people could carve out a unique path for themselves. Regardless of your age, however, YouTube is a great creative outlet for sharing your interests.

Having more than one YouTube channel is fun, but it’s important to consider the amount of work involved. If you’re ok with that, go ahead and start that second account.

Raymond T. Helms