Some YouTube videos give an error when playing them, what’s going on?

Surely there are few or no times when you tried to watch a YouTube video and the platform returned an error message that prevented you from enjoying it. And it’s nothing else but the technology behind the platform seems to be designed bombproof. So much so that even these issues that are emerging lately are all the result of willful action by those in Mountain View. And it is that in recent months many users have seen how, trying to enjoy some content, an error message appeared on the screen in which they were told that this video does not is not available and therefore they cannot see it at that time. Do you think this is a technical problem or just a security measure imposed by YouTube? The creator’s story, YouTube key, last year already changed the platform’s terms of service and one of the headaches they were most concerned about solving was what content was considered harmful, that is, those who might face controversies. issues that directly threatened the integrity of entire communities of users, etc. videos from channels with little posting history and still low number of subscribers. Thus, channels with less than a thousand of these subscribers and which have little uploaded content behind them will have a viewer limit which, once reached, will prevent other new ones from accessing the retransmission. Display on the screen of a message very similar to the one that you can see in the capture that you have above and that indicates that, if we want to enter to see it, we are subscribing to support the activity of the youtuber. In this way, YouTube kills two birds with one stone: it puts an end to the dissemination of messages considered dangerous to a large number of users and promotes the custom of subscribing to a channel as a support measure so that those who currently do not have enough followers to broadcast worldwide, do so by overcoming the imposed barrier of one thousand subscribers. So now you know, the next time you see a message like this, fear not. >

Raymond T. Helms