The 10 best YouTube channels to learn how to create NFTs

NFTs are growing in popularity, with many people making a lot of money by creating NFT exchanges. It is therefore not surprising that more and more people want to know more about NFTs and how to make them.

YouTube offers a good way to learn about all sorts of things, including NFTs. With whole chains devoted to the phenomenon, and many others having been misled on the subject.

What are NFTs?

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, come in many shapes and sizes. First, they are units of data stored on a blockchain, which means each one is unique. These come in different forms, from digital art to games, music, movies or even famous memes.

Minting an NFT is the process of converting the file into a digital asset stored on the blockchain. Without going through the minting process, you cannot sell the NFT.

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NFTs can sell for very little or cost millions of dollars. As Barron’s reports, the most expensive NFT ever sold is The Merge, which made $91.8 million in 2021. The Merge is a fragmented work of art owned by almost 29,000 people, which explains its cost. raised.

However, for the most part, common NFTs cost less than the equivalent of $1,000 in crypto. That’s reason enough to start creating your own. And these YouTube channels will help you do that.


Viral Kingdom is a great YouTube channel that has a ton of NFT videos. The videos follow various topics, including how to make NFTs, how to sell them, how to make them for free, and how to market them.

The channel has over 81,000 subscribers and content that you will find very useful as you enter the NFT world. Not only are the videos super detailed, but they’re also filled with great tips.

Carl Hustle’s YouTube channel has many great NFT videos. One of the best teaches you how to create 3D NFTs for free, while others help you understand how to create massive collections or even animated NFTs.

If you are used to creating traditional paper art, there is even a video that will help you turn that art into NFT. With over 40,000 subscribers, this channel is full of great information for NFT newbies.

Tommy Bryson is a YouTuber with many videos on different ways to earn money using multiple online platforms. As for NFTs, he has created several popular videos in which he teaches viewers how to create NFTs and earn money selling them. The channel has over 430,000 subscribers, but its most popular NFT video has garnered over a million views so far.

Hustle Millennial is another YouTube creator who has created some very helpful NFT videos.

The channel offers dozens of NFT-themed videos. These cover how you can create NFT collections to sell, how to make a profit flipping NFTs, and even how to spot the really good ones that will gain popularity. There is even a video about NFT games that can earn you money by playing them.

3D Gladiator is another channel you should definitely check out for more NFTs. The videos will teach you how to generate and create your own NFT collection, how to turn your art into NFT, and more. The host not only discusses the pros of making and trading NFTs, but also the cons, like why some NFTs don’t sell.

This is great information that will definitely help encourage you and give you realistic expectations.

Franklin Hatchett takes a different approach to the subject of NFTs. His videos try to help you find the best way to make money with NFTs. His videos discuss things like whether to flip NFTs, how to pick the right market, and how to make it a profitable business even if you’re doing it on the side.

You can learn a lot about NFTs from codeSTACKr. The channel has videos on the best ways to build entire NFT collections, how to build thousands of them in a short time, and how to do it without any coding knowledge. There are even videos that attempt to explain how you can tell if you have a rare NFT on your hands.

There is a lot of great content on this channel which will be very useful when you are new to NFTs.

Learning about NFTs and how to create them is super easy on the Kapwing channel. Sure, this channel is owned by a video editing software company, but it has a ton of videos you’ll want to watch. Instead of teaching you how to create image NFTs, it goes the other way and teaches you how to create and sell video NFTs.

9. Pugs​​​​

How about getting tips and tricks from an artist? We find the Pugbits creations absolutely adorable, probably because there are so many cute pugs involved. His videos teach you how to draw NFTs, use various editing software, market yourself as an NFT artist, and use social media to your advantage.

The name of the channel, NFT TIMES, is indicative of the main purpose of the channel. There are tons of videos available that you can watch to learn more about NFTs, creating art, selling, and promoting what you do. There are also exciting videos on great NFT projects and how to push them to market with very little money.

You now know how to start creating NFTs

Given the growing interest in NFTs, it’s easy to see why you’d want to get involved. However, things are not always so simple and there are many things you need to consider before selling your own NFTs.

Along with the whole process of creating and minting NFTs, finding a marketplace to sell them on, and promoting your work, you also need to consider legality. Copyright laws are difficult to apply to NFTs, but there have already been several lawsuits, so you should always exercise caution.

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