The 6 Best Guided Meditation YouTube Channels to Calm Your Mind

Meditation has an abundance of positive benefits for your mental health as well as your physical health. This simple practice can reduce stress, help you focus, improve self-awareness, and regulate your mood. Some of the physical benefits include a healthier heart and a stronger immune system.

So, do you need help meditating? If so, check out these six calming guided meditation YouTube channels and you’ll have a positive and productive day.

Guided meditation isn’t just for adults; it can help kids too, and that’s what the New Horizon YouTube channel is focusing on.

Adults can choose from a selection of guided meditations, whether you want to sleep better, open your third eye, learn to astral project or do a quick 10-minute meditation. There are also various sleep music and stories to put you to sleep.

Plus, kids benefit from an amazing assortment of guided meditations. They’ll love going on an ocean adventure, visiting fairyland, stopping at a squirrel village, or taking a walk in the hills. Teens can even enjoy a dedicated playlist of guided meditations and age-appropriate sleep meditations.

Apart from their amazing YouTube channel, they also have a much-loved app that will help ease your mind. The app is free and offers sleep stories, meditations and guided meditations for the whole family!


To download: New Horizon: Sleep Meditations for Android | iOS (Free in-app purchases available)

You will feel a complete sense of calm, peace and tranquility when you listen to Michael Sealey’s guided meditation videos. Michael uses the power of his voice to help people find their purpose, stop overthinking and let go of their worries.

By combining self-hypnosis and meditation, Michael takes you into a state of deep relaxation. But here’s a warning; do not do this while driving or operating heavy machinery!

Her videos vary in length, so you can either get a quick 15-minute meditation before you head off to work, or do a full hour to help you fall asleep fast and heal the way you dream.

According to CredibleMind, Michael is trained and certified in hypnosis and clinical hypnotherapy, so his YouTube channel is one you should definitely subscribe to.

Calm is a popular meditation app used to improve your mindfulness and sleep. However, Calm’s official YouTube channel is almost as great as the app. It features an assortment of soothing videos, from sleep stories for kids to daily live streams.

Led by Tamara Levitt, who has studied meditative practices and traditions for the past 30 years, Calm aims to enhance your self-awareness through meditation.

If you’re new to meditation, start with Daily Calm’s 10-minute meditations. They are quick and easy to follow, which is great for those with busy days.

The Calm channel offers a wonderful 31-day challenge with a range of different things to enjoy, like soft music, breathing exercises and guided meditations. Guided meditations aim to support your productivity, anxiety, healthy boundaries and get rid of grudges.

This YouTube channel is a bit different from the others, but that doesn’t make it any less enjoyable. The Buddhist Society of Western Australia offers insightful videos such as regular lectures, workshops and retreats, all featuring the monks and nuns of Western Australia.

If you’re looking for a massive library of guided meditations, this is the one for you. The channel is packed with hundreds of guided meditation videos, and each of them streams live from the Dhammaloka Buddhist Center in Perth.

Several different teachers teach the recurring live guided meditations; some of the most popular are Ajahn Brahm, Ajahn Brahmali and Ajahn Hasapanna.

People love their teachings and guided meditation sessions, and now people around the world can enjoy them on the Buddhist Society of Western Australia channel.

Meditation is about helping you improve your emotional well-being and overall health. Jessica Connor’s YouTube channel, Your Youuniverse, is all about it.

Assuming you want to meditate with an accomplished teacher, Jessica has a Masters in Metaphysical Science and a Ph.D. in philosophy. Her channel is where she shares what she has learned with you, whether through ancient techniques, affirmations, life lessons or a range of meditations.

The guided meditations on his channel vary from quick sessions of less than 10 minutes to a quantum leap meditation that could induce an out-of-body experience! With the extensive video library available on Your Youuniverse, you’ll never run out of things to listen to.

Besides Jessica’s YouTube channel, you can check out her free transformation masterclass on her website, where you’ll learn more about the manifestation. For those looking for an enlightening YouTube channel that is all about creating a life you love, Your Youuniverse is a must.

There is no need to complicate things too much regarding guided meditation; it is better to keep it simple. After all, the heart of meditation is to decrease stress and improve your concentration.

You can use apps to manage stress and anxiety or just watch the videos on the Great Meditation YouTube channel. This channel aims to keep things short and simple with clear and easy to understand videos.

Guided meditations cover many topics, from lucid dreaming and chakra energy healing to meditation that will help you sleep. Depending on your preferences, you can choose guided meditations with a female voice or a male voice.

You can also choose a meditation depending on how much time you have. You may only have five minutes to spare; if so, a playlist is available with over 50 five-minute meditations to choose from.

Become one with the universe with these guided meditation YouTube channels

Meditation can help you with countless things in your life, whether you want to get rid of anxiety or increase your creativity. All you have to do is give it a try, even if it’s for a fairly short duration.

By simply taking a few minutes out of your day, you can feel that your mind, body, and soul are completely nourished. These six guided meditation YouTube channels will help you on your journey, so check them out and see them leave you feeling.

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