The Best YouTube Channels to Use as Background Noise

If you’re struggling to find the focus needed to complete the task at hand, you might want to explore using audio to help you focus.

Now, we’re not suggesting listening to catchy pop tunes, but some sounds can be beneficial if you need to work or study. Certain types of music are very effective in helping you block out distracting noise. Music also works as a stimulus that engages your brain, making you more creative and productive (depending on what you listen to). And listening to music can relieve stress, leaving you in a better place to get things done.

We look at three types of audio, all readily available on YouTube, that you can use as background noise when trying to concentrate.

Classical music

Depending on its tempo, classical music can either relax you or invigorate you. Listening to classical music can release dopamine, a neurotransmitter that makes you feel good. Dopamine also prevents the release of the stress hormones cortisol. With the improvement in your mood, thinking is clarified, which makes studying and working much more enjoyable.

A 1993 University of California study found an increase in IQ in students who listened to Mozart. This has since been dubbed the “Mozart Effect” and, although it only measured one type of spatial intelligence and not general intelligence (and has been debated ever since), the idea that classical music could improve intelligence has stayed with us over time. If it works for you, use it!

Classic tunes

Credit: Classic Airs

This YouTube channel is dedicated to offering a wide range of classical music encompassing everything from Bach’s violin concertos to two-hour baroque compilations. You can choose from music video downloads or head straight to the Playlists tab of this channel and search for specific playlists designed to help you focus, including “Study Music” offering classical instrumental music “enhancing concentration” and “Classical Music for Studying”. , Concentration.”



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With over three million subscribers, HalidonMusic, the official YouTube channel of Italian label Halidon, is a massive classical music YouTube channel. Halidon’s catalog of music ranges from classical and instrumental to jazz, pop and world music, but it really shines when it comes to classical offerings. Videos include “The Best of” by many popular composers, including Mozart, Chopin, Bach, Beethoven and Tchaikovsky. There are also targeted offers for anyone who wants to focus better with music specifically for studying, reading and improving brain power.

Just instrumental music

Just instrumental music on YouTube

Credit: Just Instrumental Music

Just Instrumental Music offers “perfect videos to focus on studying, reading, working and improving your concentration and memorization while listening to the greatest composers of all time, such as Mozart, Beethoven , Bach, Chopin and many others”. Besides the many music videos designed to enhance your study or work process, there are many specialized collections, such as instrumental music for guitar, orchestral music, classical music for violin, flute and music for cello.

nature sounds

Nature sounds have been found to help create a calmer state of mind, which positively impacts your overall mental well-being. It leaves you in a better place to focus on whatever you need to do. Sounds like birdsong, crashing waves, or a babbling brook carry positive connotations, often leaving you feeling relaxed with your anxiety levels greatly reduced. Nature sounds are usually soothing and tranquil, a great alternate background sound if you don’t want to listen to music.

Nature Healing & Meditation

Healing nature and meditation on YouTube

Credit: Healing Nature and Meditation

The Healing Nature & Meditation YouTube channel claims to offer “a window into the healing effect of nature”. This channel has a plethora of “Relaxing Nature Ambience Meditation” videos that can also be used as background music when you need to focus. There are many other ambient nature sound videos to explore, including grasslands, lakes, rain, forest, water, and seasonal mood.


johnnielawson on youtube

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Johnnielawson’s YouTube channel is a popular choice for nature sounds, with nearly 173,000,000 views at the time of publication. These videos are a great choice if you want to study or work on a long audio soundtrack, as there are plenty of eight-hour videos out there. This means you can just hit the play button and not worry about having to constantly mix your audio for a good few hours. The Johnnielawson Channel offers a variety of nature sounds, but specializes in waterfalls and birdsong.


TheSilentWatcher on YouTube

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TheSilentWatcher is a Bulgarian called Petar Paunchev who personally records and edits all nature sound videos that are exclusively available on this excellent channel. It is worth browsing the video downloads to enjoy tropical rain sounds, relaxing river sounds, snowy stream sounds and deep forest sounds among others. Curated playlists offer a curated selection of nature sound videos. Apart from natural sounds, this channel also offers other ambient sounds, such as campfire and fireplace sounds.

Ambient lo-fi music

Lo-fi background music is a very popular choice as a study aid. This musical genre is used as a soothing alternative soundscape in which people like to work, study, relax, meditate, relax and even fall asleep. Without words, and sometimes without rhythm, lo-fi music offers few distractions, which makes you more productive. Lo-fi music’s repeating loops are predictable on a subconscious level, which evokes feelings of comfort, putting you in a good place for concentration.

Lofi girl

Lofi Girl on YouTube

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Lofi Girl’s mantra is “study – relax – sleep – repeat”. The Lofi Girl channel is extraordinarily popular, with over 10 million subscribers. Instead of focusing on playlists (there are only two), this channel offers two daily live radio streams: one with beats for relaxing/studying and one with beats for sleeping/resting. loosen. Additionally, there are “Study Session” videos that offer around an hour of lo-fi audio, ideal for working out and then remembering to take an hour break.


Atmosphere on YouTube

Credit: Atmosphere

The aptly named Ambient channel offers a wide range of ambient, cinematic, classic, chill-out, atmospheric and chill music videos. The channel offers you themed mixes, such as “Journey”, “Nightfall”, “Destiny”, “Memories” and “Future” – so you can listen and see which theme suits you. Ambient also offers videos designed for meditation, relaxation, and relaxation, all of which are suitable as a soundscape for work or study. This channel offers a small selection of playlists, but they are all beautifully curated, with the music blending seamlessly together, giving you a distraction-free listening experience.

chill hop music

Chillhop music on YouTube

Credit: Chillhop Music

Chillhop has over three million impressive subscribers who love the jazzy, lofi and chill beats on offer. In addition to individual video uploads and curated playlists, this channel offers a 24/7 live stream, so you can just join the stream and zone in your work or study. Chillhop Music has a wide variety of specially curated popular videos like “Study Beats” – they are around two hours long, so perfect for a longer work or study session.

Raymond T. Helms