The Three Best Branded YouTube Channels

If you’re a social media manager, you know video is where is it. Video content is easy to consume and it’s funny. But from a digital marketing perspective, it’s a simple way to educate potential customers about your product and leave a lasting impression on your audience.

But don’t fair Take our word for it. 97% of consumers say video has helped improve their understanding of a product. Additionally, 90% of consumers also say that video helps them make purchasing decisions.

So if you want to convert those casual browsers into loyal consumers, it seems like video is a lucrative path to take.

But before we jump ahead, let’s take a look at three big brand YouTube channels and what makes them so succeeded. You never know – you might feel inspired to create your own videos.

Let’s go to the visual:


The subscribers: 14.2 million

Views: 17.8 billion

Many brands make the mistake of using YouTube to redistribute content made for TV or other platforms. LEGO, however, does not fall into this category, as it is known for its charming and entertaining content that appeals to adults and children alike.

The brand shares a variety of content in multiple languages, where users can see the colorful bricks and figures come to life.

The LEGO Channel is the most popular brand channel on Youtube – and for good reason. He offers his audience a wide range of content, which is always of the highest quality. From partnerships with brands like Disney and Lamborgini, to long seasons of the popular LEGO Friends show, if you want variety, variety you get!

But LEGO is not just there to Oh and ah; it also creates content that aims to educate and illuminate His public. An example of this would be its “Build It Be It” series, where the brand chats with accomplished women working in unique career paths.

This series aims to educate young audiences on the importance of creativity and self-expression, regardless of the career path a person may choose.

So what can you learn from LEGO’s approach to YouTube? Perhaps the biggest benefit here is creating video content that adds value to the lives of its audience.

LEGO is constantly mixing up its video formats to keep the consumer engaged and interested, and it certainly seems to be paying off!

2. VAT19

The subscribers: 8.22 million

Views: 7.22 billion

As the digital space is populated by hundreds (if not thousands) of brands, it can be difficult to find ways to make your content stand out in the sea of ​​competition. If you are struggling with this, you should look to Vat19 for inspiration.

Vat19 is an e-commerce store known for its unique offering of quirky gadgets, toys, and devices. From “world’s biggest gummy bear” to a mini pyro shooter, you can find it.

What sets Vat19 apart on YouTube is its ready-to-use video ideas, showcasing its products. Vat19’s channel lets the consumer see its great offerings in action with equally wacky product demos, challenges, commercials and stunts.

So what are the main takeaways from the Vat19 channel? Absoutely the sky is the limit when it comes to video ideas – the crazier the better, in fact!

The brand has become a master in the art of creating original content that its audience never tires of. It doesn’t hurt that his videos also illustrate the quality of his products without being too commercial. Pleasant!


The subscribers: 10.4 million

Views: 3.33 billion views

Rarely do many of us get through our day without searching Google. Something. So, as one of the most recognizable brands in the world, Google doesn’t have to go all out on its YouTube channel, but it does. anyway.

Google became famous for its “Year in Search” campaign, which summarizes the major milestones and collective memories of the year. For many, this campaign has helped us look back on a year that has passed and feel that pang of nostalgia.

These videos are emotional and convey powerful messages. It praises Google’s YouTube channel that this singular campaign can resonate with millions of people and warm fair so many hearts.

But Google is not limited to these types of videos; it also creates hundreds of high-quality, informative videos that aim to educate your audience – not only on the offerings but on the world in general.

This is another example of a brand creating content that adds value to the lives of its viewers. This illustrates the importance of reducing noise by creating content with purpose.

Google has also struck gold by partnering with celebrities and well-known personalities on videos, allowing it to capitalize on its reach.

So what can you learn from Google’s approach to YouTube? Well, in summary, many. Google creates content with a purpose, which is always of the highest quality. His videos are also relatively short and easy to consume, proving that you can get important messages across. concisely and they are fair as effective.

Additionally, Google knows how to tug on its audience’s heartstrings and elicit emotion in viewers with inspiring content. That’s what we’re talking about!

What’s your favorite branded YouTube channel? Be sure to let us know in the comments section below.

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