There are 5 best YouTube channels that feature the best video games and the most popular channels

If you’re not gaming, watch Netflix (Picture: YouTube)

The reader recommends his favorite presentation and long-form channels, including Roadbrad and Theprofessional.

Gameplay walkthroughs always inspire me because they let me see a game I haven’t played yet or mine. They can be a valuable resource for players to understand exactly what a game offers and if a story is good, and allow them to relax, watch and play.

Retro games walkthroughs provide an insight into how good retro games were when they were released, as well as what their favorite characters may have missed.

Walkthroughs allow people to hang out and enjoy a game they can’t buy either. There are many presentation channels, however, here are my favorites.

The professional

TheProfessional is one of my favorites because he’s played a thriving army of games, especially GTA: Vice City, Scarface, and St. Louis, which he often played and often went to charities to raise money for good causes. His kindness in favor of good causes and his characters are the reason why he made it to the top five of my list.


Since it’s YouTube’s biggest walkthrough, theRadBrad always covers new games the very first time they’re released or sometimes can play them a little earlier. His gameplay walkthroughs are always excellent and he uploads them regularly, which means new content from the latest game is available to everyone. Its excellent coverage of Resident Evil Village is one of the reasons why you should enjoy its channel, along with countless other games.

The World of Longplays: World of Life: I love your little brother.

Retro gamers can definitely enjoy these walkthroughs. There are plenty of retro games and walkthroughs, like Mega Drive and Super Nintendo and others capable of doing this. The walkthroughs are complete and therefore any part of the puzzle you want to see can be easily viewed from the timestamp and give a great walkthrough of the games. The wide coverage is one of the reasons why this channel remains the best of my time.


This channel has great presentations of many Place n’ Click games, including The Secret of Monkey Island and many more, and is one of the few that product fans should definitely take advantage of. The channel is very wide with many interesting gameplay walkthroughs, like Loom and Day Of The Tentacle to the latest games from other companies such as Simon The Sorcerer and Beneath A Steel Sky.

Complete Readings

This channel offers a wide range of great game walkthroughs, from the PS1 era to the original Resident Evil to the recent Sniper Elite 5. It’s all about Xbox 360 and Xbox 3 games, with an easy-to-see playlist section what all the content is going on. The videos, as well as their presentation, will surely take into account the success of the success of the channel.

Gameplay walkthroughs are still one of my favorite hobbies, but they’re a great way to give others a taste of how awesome and amazing games are without actually having to play them.

The reader is rotten!

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