These creators, channels made the most noise in India in 2021

The year is finally over. We all know what that means – the best lists of 2021! After Google Play and the usual Spotify lists, YouTube has also released its trends for 2021.

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Top 5 videos on YouTube India

On the video side, the zombies have conquered the hearts of Indians with the film entitled “ZOMBIE | The Living Dead” by Round 2 Hell. If you can look past the goofy makeup and half-baked zombies, it makes for an entertaining watch.

The second most trending video on YouTube is comedy. Title “PAAGAL BETA 13,“The Desi comedy video was created by CS Bisht Vines. The animated video is an offbeat take on the mundane in India.

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viral fever “UPSC – Optional Me Kya Hai?” was the third most trending video of 2021. It is the first episode of the series titled “TVF Aspirants”. Controversial YouTube figure Carry Minati “The Land of Bigg Boss” took fourth place for the most trending video of 2021 on YouTube, followed by “Free Fire World Series 2021 Finals in Singapore.”

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2021 Creator Trends on YouTube

It’s been a good year for creators, as remote work remains the norm. With the new Omicron variant doing inlays, it looks like most of us would still be working from home for a while to come. The first two places were taken by gaming channels – “Total Gaming” and “Techno Gamerz”. “Jkk entertainment” took third place, followed by “Crazy XYZ”.

According to YouTube data, top breakout creators in India include “Harpreet SDC”, “ADITECH”, “The Viral Fever”, “Family Fitness” and “STAR GAMERS”.

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For abbreviated content on YouTube called “Shorts”, the top trending channels for 2021 were “A2 Motivation”, “Dushyant Kukreja”, “Sanjoy Das Official”, “Ajay Sharma”, and “Baseer gaming”.

Entertainment and games have made the biggest waves in India this year. Did your favorite creators and artists make the YouTube trending list for 2021? Let us know in the comments below. For more end of the year and the latest technology and science, keep reading

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