Tollywood hits YouTube channels over fake news

Tollywood director Thammareddy Bharadwaja has denounced YouTube channels and their owners who spread fake news, misleading headlines and offensive content against many celebrities in the movie fraternity.

Every other day, several YouTube channels offer manipulative fake thumbnails and news to generate more money from views and clicks.

Telugu movie industry bigwigs, taking action against it, held a meeting recently and demanded the media to stop circulating fake news.

Speaking further on the matter, Thammareddy said that celebrities are human beings too and it is now normal to spread fake news about them on social media. He said such news has become increasingly prevalent on social media lately and fake news is being spread at the pace.

Everyone has a family. Fake news like this is very embarrassing, he said, adding that the media is influenced by such fake news just for the sake of having opinions. “Many are even pronounced dead and they create fake celebrity liaisons. They bother us with these disturbing vignettes and videos,” Thammareddy added.

Likewise, there is a need to control such fake news, Thammareddy said. He also said it was necessary to follow the rules on social media. It is okay to criticize content, but targeting in person is not okay and will not be tolerated.

The director concluded by saying that people should make money the right way and not spreading negative rumors about celebrities.

“As an industry, we condemn this trend and call on YouTube channels to stop it. I hope they consider our request,” Thammareddy said.

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Raymond T. Helms