Top 10 Cybersecurity YouTube Channels

If you want to start a career in the tough world of cybersecurity, then YouTube is the best place for you. The public video platform has different channels with experts:

  • Discuss interesting cybersecurity topics
  • Provide an understanding of the industry
  • Announcing cybersecurity news
  • Teaching data protection

In this article, we review top cybersecurity YouTube channels that provide valuable knowledge on all things cybersecurity. Let’s go!


The importance of cybersecurity continues to grow. Today, there are more than a million vacancies worldwide in the field of cybersecurity, and according to the Cybersecurity Business Reportthere will be 3.5 million openings by 2025. Additionally, salaries for top cybersecurity and information security professionals average $420,000 per year, according to Forbes.

Why do companies pay such high salaries for these experts?

The problem is that there are not enough highly educated and skilled workers to meet the demand. Additionally, cyberattacks have become increasingly sophisticated, making businesses even more vulnerable to cyberthreats.

Day by day, more and more companies understand the need for cybersecurity solutions to protect their digital data.

Indeed, cybersecurity is an extremely complex and difficult field to understand. It has multiple layers of defense in various directions, solutions and types of protection services, including:

  • Information security
  • internet security
  • Critical infrastructure security
  • Email Security
  • Antivirus programs
  • Application Security
  • Cloud Security
  • Internet of Things (IoT) Security

But hold your horses! Before spending money on expensive courses and lessons, why not use readily available and free resources? You can start learning about cybersecurity now by watching YouTube videos from real experts around the world.

That said, here are the best cybersecurity channels on YouTube and what they can offer you.

Top 10 Cybersecurity YouTube Channels

Start with Josh!

His Everything is secure The YouTube channel provides easy-to-follow tips and tutorials to help the non-tech savvy person boost online privacy and security.

Learn how to lock down your social profiles, use a password manager, connect to a virtual private network (VPN), use an identity monitoring service, and more.

With Josh, you can also learn the essential skills you need to keep your personal life private and understand security best practices related to your home network, email, cell phone, and more.

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To The Cybermentor YouTube you can learn various cybersecurity lessons including ethical hacking, dark web, and computer science. The channel also features videos on email security, pentesting, and more.

Technolore is a YouTube channel created to prove that privacy and security are not just achievable, but simple and accessible. Essentially, the channel fosters a community focused on privacy, security, anonymity, and technology, helping members around the world protect their digital identities.

Here, you can find various free courses and lessons for beginners in their cybersecurity journey.

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Chuck is an IT lover! A great lover!

As he states, his goal is to help people get started in IT careers by getting IT certifications.

On the NetworkChuck YouTube channel, he talks about Cisco certifications, CompTIA, AWS, Microsoft and much more.

Discover the interesting world of Chuck and learn more about cybersecurity.

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SSTec Tutorials is a YouTube channel dedicated to video tutorials and technical blogs on computers, Android Mobile, software and applications. Founded by Mehedi Shakeel, the cybersecurity channel also features gadget reviews and information security content.

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“I break down and dissect tech news related to cybersecurity”, says Jhonti (AKA Seytonic).

He created the Seytonic YouTube channel in 2016 to showcase his hardware hacking projects (mostly anything and everything BadUSB related). You will also find fascinating content on malware such as spam bots, cryptocurrency mining, and more.

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Founded in 2005, the Hak5 The mission of the YouTube channel is to advance the information security industry.

On this cybersecurity channel, you can find award-winning podcasts, state-of-the-art pentest equipment, and an inclusive community, where all hackers belong.

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The HackerSploit The YouTube channel is the leading provider of free computer security and cybersecurity training. Their goal is to make cybersecurity training more effective and accessible to students and professionals.

The channel provides essential training on how to attack and defend systems with virtual labs and real-world scenarios. It also offers individual and corporate training packages on penetration testing and red team operations, web application penetration testing, and cybersecurity awareness training.

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LiveOverflow is cybersecurity YouTube channel filled with free educational content on computer security.

If you want to learn hacking and don’t know where to start, the channel provides you with a clear guide to success.

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And finally, our list is not complete without EasyDMARC YouTube channel, where you can get valuable information about email security and cybersecurity in general. From SPF and DKIM authentication to DMARC records, reports, and more, our channel is the place to be if you want short, easy-to-understand videos on all things email and cybersecurity.

Subscribe to our YouTube channel and contact us to make your DMARC journey simple and easy.

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