TOP 10 most watched and popular basketball YouTube channels

Casual fans who watch the most interesting and famous basketball and true sports enthusiasts turn to YouTube for more in-depth analysis and visualization of the game’s most gripping moments. Nothing beats the fantastic feel of watch the game on the spot, but today people want to know more about their favorite sports than what is shown on official TV channels.

Some collect information and seek inspiration to use in their sports blogs, dwelling on the most frequently requested channels to understand how to increase the popularity of their profile and buy YouTube views at the cheapest price and with the right content. . Let’s see which channels on YouTube can become your best guides and give you the best basketball information. Here are the top ten profiles you should check out on YouTube for any motivation you have.


The alpha and omega of all industry-related channels. NBA is the league’s official YouTube channel, and it’s one of the premier places to get comprehensive and exclusive information on games, players, interesting stats and comparisons, and other things that may engage a real fan for a long time. The NBA on YouTube is updated often, so you probably won’t run out of videos to watch.


Since 1979, ESPN has been broadcasting all things sports to viewers. Trade deals, various information, and other items were initially delivered to fans from television screens, but with the Internet consuming television’s popularity, ESPN also provides its viewers with valuable content on YouTube. When you visit their channel, it’s easy to get lost all day, because the list of videos is practically endless.


This creator follows all the significant events in the world of basketball, explains and analyzes them so that even casual fans can understand all the specifics of this sport and what surrounds it. If you’re looking for a good review of everything happening in the industry, followed by real statistical information, this is a perfect choice for you if you want to learn more about the NBA and the game of basketball in general.


It is a source of pure pleasure in the world of basketball. You’ll find hilarious moments from NBA games here, with new episodes coming virtually every day. The ShaQtime channel emerged as a logical option following on from the glorious TNT show called Shaqtin’ a Fool (the interpretation of the phrase ‘acting like a fool’), which was a fun treat for spectators who exhibited the best and worst moments of the game.

NiTringo NBA

It’s a great choice for those who want to dive into the latest league happenings. Although the author of the channel defines himself as a fan of the Sacramento Kings, he also covers all the teams that play in the league and becomes an objective explorer and analyst of all the events that take place there. Nearly 340,000 subscribers monitor his channels for interesting and useful information.

Hooper Highlights

A channel for those who were late to see an actual game or missed it for any other reason, but want to catch up on the most interesting and meaningful moments. The latest recaps and game reviews are waiting to be discovered. One of the great things about Hooper Highlight is that the videos it makes are around 10 minutes long, which is useful for people who don’t like wasting time and prefer to have a brief memory of the most engaging moments in the game.

Highlight House

By subscribing to House Of Highlights, you will never be excluded from the news feed. This channel has a large library of valuable videos covering basketball content to the fullest. House Of Highlights is also known for its impeccable video production quality, which keeps you up to date with the latest industry updates.

Live teacher

Finally, the channel on this list that isn’t just related to the NBA. This creator films his stunt and game technique challenges, appealing to known players around the Venice Beach courts. The channel holds an audience of around 7 million subscribers, who live up to the jaw-dropping entertainment and fancy stuff on this profile.

This channel can be called one of the most interesting and unusual in the sports niche on YouTube.

Mike Korzemba

Hot, valuable, and intriguing videos that cover all things basketball important. The styling of this channel is somewhat similar to JxmyHighroller. Also, the channel creator dwells in a hypothetical realm, like, what if Kobe Bryant played for a college team, if he would actually go there and break all basketball records, etc.


Fast-paced fun, presented in Tik Tok style! Short videos with trending music that bring the community of sports fans together. Unique and hilarious content is what you will definitely find here. For just one year, JDub has managed to gain an audience of 250,000 which continues to grow rapidly, thanks to its new approach to material, making it look more like memes related not only to industry benefits, but also to sentiments. and to the opinions of sports fans too.


and the list ends with another great basketball reviewer breaking down all the NBA league details. The videos are filled with high-quality analysis that delivers exquisite value to basketball fans, with logic and reason. Follow this regularly updated channel to find extremely interesting and relevant information on NBA games, teams and players.


Of course, nothing can replace the joy of watching a game live. But YouTube channels dedicated to basketball are a great addition that helps in understanding how the industry works and what matters best for the game, which is why fans usually subscribe to many sports channels. Official channels like ESPN biased with reviews from independent bloggers are good food to reflect on and analyze the game and get to know the brightest people in the industry.

For aspiring bloggers, existing sports channels should be must-have content that will help build proper, original, and successful YouTube blogs and find their footing in the industry. Of course, it’s not wise to copy someone’s style and content, but by subscribing and checking out your competitors’ content, you can also find what’s worth subscribing to.

Raymond T. Helms