TOP 10 most watched YouTube channels for runners

If you’re ready to start your own running or fitness YouTube channel, you might want to take inspiration from the pros. This list of the top 10 YouTube channels for runners will give you something to aspire to and help you learn how to get more viewers and grow your following. However, it’s important to remember that even the most interesting channels need viewers to help attract more viewers, thanks to YT’s algorithms that favor more popular content. Due to the difficulty of developing a new string or a small string, you may want to buy 1000 youtube views to get more hits on your videos, cheap. In the meantime, here are the top 10 YouTube channels for runners and the tricks they use to build an audience:

Allie Ostrander

This pro runner posts slice-of-life videos that show her eating, talking with her mom and hanging out in her hotel room, intercut with clips of her workouts. She also tags each workout shown on the video with the exercises she does and the estimated time it takes. Fans appreciate his fun personality and straightforwardness, so be sure to let your own personality shine through when making fitness videos.

C Tolle Run

Olympian Carrie Tollefson hosts this YouTube channel with tips for runners, pre-planned workouts, gear and training equipment tips, and more. Videos like this one on choosing the right running shoe take an in-depth look at the things that affect your running experience. On-screen graphics help you follow important points covered in the video. Carrie is enthusiastic and goes above and beyond running, demonstrating a wide variety of workouts from bosu balls to planking. It also offers gift guides for runners and introduces new products that appeal to athletes.

The runner’s world

Not every big YouTube channel has to focus on a person’s personality. If you don’t think you’re the affable host type, you might want to consider creating a channel where you curate a wide variety of content, like The runner’s world. However, Runner’s World is not without personality: this channel offers everything from interviews with accomplished athletes like Sha’Carri Richardson and Allyson Felix, to everyday people like the 47-year-old handyman who is one of the runners fastest in the world. .

They also use the Series feature, building several popular video collections, such as Race Recaps and The Cut Up, which focus on in-depth reviews of running shoes and other gear. Creating a video series is a great way to increase the views of multiple posts on your channel, encourage subscriptions, and retain viewers.

Adidas Running

This brand Youtube channel is not just for selling shoes. Adidas also uses series including The Network Effect, which focuses on promoting social change through sport, and Festival of Running, which supports people training for the 5K. Keep this in mind if you’re starting a channel to promote a brand, whether it’s a business or your own personal brand. You always want your viewers to feel like the focus is on them or something they care about, not just your branding efforts. Consider a series to support other people, either with philanthropic endeavors or simply with their personal goals (like running a 5K or 10K).

The racing experience

This channel also has an outward orientation, specializing in helping runners overcome various challenges, such as injuries and burnout. It also covers different points in a runner’s journey, from the How to Start Running series for beginners, to tips for intermediate runners who want to improve, to more advanced tips for long-time runners, to tips for overcoming burnout if you’ve been running for a while. There are also series for specific goals, like How to Run Fast or How to Run Far, as well as a Nutrition Series. Offering multiple “how-to” videos is another possibility for your running channel, as viewers frequently search the site for help.

Run Steep Get High

Another option is to focus on a specific niche within your topic:

  • Run Steep Get High does so by focusing its videos on the subject of trail running and outdoor running.
  • All content is suitable for people who enjoy running outdoors, including ultra-marathons.
  • The videos cover training runs, preparation for ultra-marathons, interviews with outdoor runners and races.

Treadmill TV

Not the nature type? Treadmill TV offers video “virtual races” so you can enjoy the sites without leaving your air-conditioned, wifi-connected living room. Each video is taken from the perspective of a person walking or running on an outdoor trail, such as the hike to Makapu’u Lighthouse in Oahu, Central Park in New York, Marina Bay in Singapore, or one of the many others places. Treadmill TV shows us that while extended channels with multiple series are often successful, picking a hyper-specific template for a video and doing it over and over can also work well.

VO2max Productions

This Youtube channel offers “racing advice from a pro”. Pro athlete Sage Canada is the host, sharing everything from his adventures on various trails to tips on training and running form. Weekly posts keep viewers coming back and encourage subscriptions, which is why it’s always a good idea to post regularly. If you can’t do weekly videos like Canady, consider a biweekly schedule and do it at the same time every week, like the second and fourth Thursday of every month.

The ginger runner

Divided into several series, The ginger runner chain offers something for everyone:

  • GNGERBTS Daily is a behind-the-scenes look at the host’s typical racing activities and adventures.
  • Gear Reviews provides thoughtful reviews of shoes, apparel, and other accessories for running or fitness.
  • Ginger Runner Live is a weekly live show where Ethan Newsberry interviews fellow runners and fitness experts, allowing viewers to ask questions in the chat thread (which is also recorded for those who can’t watch live).
  • Created playlists include a variety of running playlists for viewers to try out.
  • The Ginger Runner Adventure Club features video footage of runs and races in scenic outdoor locations.

harry short

elite runner Harry’s YT channel covers it racing and training all over the world. He has a series of running and training tips with some surprising advice, like explaining why static stretching before running isn’t a good idea. In the How I Train and Eat series, Harry talks about his experiences as an athlete and a vegan, including how he trains and eats when preparing for a tough run or race. The Q&A series makes racing accessible to viewers, with Harry answering questions from his fans about racing and training.

Anyone can learn tips to improve their channel stats, especially the views of these top 10 YouTube channels for runners. If you still need help Growing your audience is understandable – the site rewards YouTubers who already have the most views, so until you become popular, you may need to use other strategies to jump-start your growth. A great option is to pay for YouTube views and get cheap results for your videos. Be sure to do this often with new posts because all of your great content is worth seeing.

Raymond T. Helms