Top 10 YouTube Channels for Business in 2022: Most Liked and Most Popular

YouTube is a great place for anyone who can find useful tips and tricks for just about anything. And business is no exception. There are channels dedicated to helping entrepreneurs learn all aspects of the business from those looking to generate more sales, improve their marketing, be a better leader, or even hire the next star employee.

You can reach the same heights if you buy YouTube likes with a company that offers relevant audiences and cheap prices. But what are the best video channels you should watch? In this article, we take a look at the 10 best YouTube channels for business and why you should watch them.

1. The Google Business channel

The first channel in the list is the Google channel. This YouTube channel is one of the best watches because it is written and presented by the search engine giant, so the tips and advice they give are invaluable.

But the channel’s videos don’t just provide plenty of information on how entrepreneurs can run their small businesses using their tools. It also provides great contributions from real small businesses.

The stories combine compelling storytelling with great advice on how like-minded people can succeed, even on a limited budget. The other benefit is that being featured on the channel can be great exposure for smaller brands.

2. TED

Sometimes in business you need inspiration rather than tips and tricks. This is where TEDTalks can help. TEDTalks are a series of talks or presentations by some of the greatest public figures available.

The lectures are given by authentic people, some of whom are known, others less so. But the stories they tell are inspiring and can make anyone think and change their mindset. This could be the next step to becoming the leader your business needs.

3. Marie Forleo – Marie TV

Most executives who enjoy watching professional videos on YouTube probably know and watch Marie Forleo on Marie TV. She’s known for her humor, kindness, and authenticity, and when it comes to producing content, it’s earned her a sizable following.

During his videos, you can be sure to learn a lot about running your business and get into the right mindset to be a true leader. Marie also conducts interviews and offers productivity advice. Her videos are awesome because they not only help you grow your business, they also help you grow a life you’ll love.

4. Roberto Blake – Always Create

Roberto Black is an entrepreneur that the most serious leaders will have heard of. He provides advice through many channels including email, social media and his own YouTube channel.

Roberto posts content daily, primarily focusing on the creative elements of running a business. However, it also has content that can be applied to your business in general. In his videos, you will probably find these topics covered:

• How to work with creative content like videos, photos, etc.
• Technical skills to use software and applications to improve performance.
• Techniques to make your creations more appealing to the public.

5. Bryan Elliott – Behind the Mark

Learn how to brand your business successfully by learning from those who have done it before. Bryan Elliot interviews a range of leaders, from C-level executives to serial entrepreneurs about their experiences in business. In the interviews, you can learn more about what happens behind closed doors to ensure brand success.

Each interview contains many details, including honest truths about what made the brand and the entrepreneur’s career successful. Bryant Elliott doesn’t have the most subscribers on this list. However, it has a very dedicated following that regularly likes and engages with its content.

6. Sunny Lenarduzzi

Sunny Lenarduzzi is a natural talent. His original idea for YouTube wasn’t to create a revenue stream or build a large audience – it has more humble beginnings. His educational and entertaining videos were originally intended for his clients to answer social media questions.

But after she started her videos, she noticed she was attracting small entrepreneurs and other viewers. His videos are designed for all activity levels and are both educational and entertaining. The main goal of its content is for brands to be as authentic as possible, as this builds trust between you and customers.

7. Noah Kagan

Those who have heard of Noah Kagan may know him as CEO of AppSumo. Drawing on the lessons he learned from running this business and others, he now has a YouTube channel that offers a wealth of content to help entrepreneurs and business owners up their game and improve their performance. .

The videos are a mix of tutorials, inspiring interviews and motivational talks. In each video, Noah presents his points with humor and fun, making his videos as entertaining as they are educational. He’s not the most productive YouTuber, only posting a few videos a month, but when he creates new content, you can be sure it’s worth the effort.

8. HubSpot

HubSpot, the marketing platform, has its own YouTube channel, as you would expect. It’s probably one of the oldest YouTube channels you’ll find on the list, with 10 years of experience and going through a lot of changes.

At first, the channel focused on self-promotion. He included his clients’ success stories and presentations. Eventually, the channel transformed significantly, and today, it’s something of a hub for business owners, marketing professionals, and others. Now you can find a mix of videos including social media tips and techniques, productivity hacks, and reviews of emerging technologies.

9. Gary Vaynerchuk

Approaching the four million subscriber mark, Gary Vaynerchuk, or GaryVee, is one of the most successful marketing professionals in the world. He doesn’t just talk about marketing, he also demonstrates that his techniques work.

Gary’s following on multiple social media channels, including Instagram, is huge and something most entrepreneurs will probably want to aspire to, though most will never come close to. He also has a hit podcast that can be listened to on the go.

On YouTube, he has over two thousand videos and regularly posts a variety of content, from his interviews to speeches and even something from DailyVee.

10. Neil Patel

Those who want to succeed in social media marketing and SEO will likely encounter Neil Patel at some point. Neil’s channel has over a million subscribers and is becoming more popular every day.

Neil’s delivery may not be as clear as some of his peers at times, but his content contains important educational content that can help you if you want to get the most out of your channel. It’s worth watching for the marketing lessons it can provide.

Here are the success stories of the most popular professional channels on YouTube. All of them have their own characteristics that make them special and seen millions of times. You can watch just some or maybe all 10 of them to find out what is so special about their content. After all, it’s always a good idea to learn from a good example.

Raymond T. Helms