Top 50 Most Viewed US YouTube Channels • Week of 01/30/2022

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The #1 channel in this week’s US Top 50 dominates our US rankings. Even if the weekly viewership of this channel were cut in half, it would be better if it was broadcast by only one channel based in the United States.

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You can probably guess which channel I’m talking about.


Surprise! It is Cocomelon – nursery rhymes.

Even though there are thousands of kid-friendly channels on YouTube, the California-based animation and jingle producer continues to dominate them all. Its parent company Moonbug was recently acquired by Candle Media, and Cocomelon is still going strong. At the end of January, he resumed 712.7 million weekly viewswho took their lifetime YouTube traffic to the top 120 billion views.

If Cocomelon’s viewership were cut in half, the only US-based channel that would have more traffic than it would Diana show for children. The Florida-based family vlog hit No. 2 in our US Top 50 after receiving 519.3 million weekly views. The all-ages channel is on track to become the second US-based channel to reach 100 million subscribers; it is expected to surpass that milestone later this year.

The US-based channel that got the third biggest audience this week is Vlad and Niki. Like Kids Diana Show, the #3 channel in our rankings is a family-oriented content hub with a home in Florida, roots in Eastern Europe, and two siblings in its early days. The titular boys of Vlad and Niki led the chain to 351.9 million weekly viewswhich allowed it to retain its previous position in the chart.

Like the first three strings in this graph, LankyBox also retained the ranking he achieved last week. The games and comedy hub, which is active on both long-form and short-form YouTube, landed the fourth-largest viewership among all U.S. channels for the second week in a row. Its seven-day traffic peaked at 321.5 million weekly views.

The only change in the US top five this week is fifth place. D billionwho ranked ninth on this chart a week ago, was able to use his archive of percussive and catchy songs to record himself 290.2 million weekly views.

Top Winners

What types of videos are preferred on YouTube Shorts? To answer this question, we could analyze the different channels that are flourishing on Google’s competitor TikTok. Or we could just watch Wild vlogs.

There’s a lot that’s unclear above Savage. The creator of the channel, who has a large following on TikTok, calls himself “CEO of it Works”. Is it the same It Works as a popular MLM program?

Whoever this Savage is, he has a clear understanding of algorithmic trends, and the popular videos on the Savage Vlogs YouTube channel show us exactly the kind of videos that generate a big following among online video audiences. There is a lot of moralistic content, à la Dhar Mann. There’s a dash of feel-good content. There are “lifehack” DIY projects, fun cooking recipes and pranks. So many pranks.

You could argue that the moral of some Savage Vlogs videos belies the mocking nature of pranks like these, but the channel seems to operate on a clear premise: if it gets clicks, it belongs here.

At the end of January, Savage Vlogs resumed 87 million weekly viewswhat was 31% more traffic than what the chain gained during our previous measurement period. This rise made Savage Vlogs pass 1.5 billion lifetime YouTube views and also allowed the channel to move in 48th place in our US Top 50. Such an audience isn’t just good, it’s downright wild.

Channel distribution

This week there is 30 YouTube short film channels in the US Top 50.

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