Top 50 most viewed US YouTube channels • Week of 02/13/2022

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In our US Top 50, the story is always the same: if you’re not caring for babies, toddlers, or young children, it’s going to be hard to secure a spot in the rankings.

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This week, the top five channels in the rankings are all family-friendly, and the top three all reach at least 78 million subscribers on the world’s leading video platform.


Whether you rank US-based channels by weekly views, lifetime views, or subscribers, the top dog is the same: Cocomelon – nursery rhymes. The brand, owned by London-based Moonbug, is itself headquartered in California, where it produces animated content for YouTube’s youngest set. During our last seven-day measurement period, Cocomelon received 658.9 million weekly views. Although this was a slight downturn for the hugely popular brand, there was still enough traffic to secure the top spot in our Top 50 in the United States.

For the second week in a row, Kids Diana Show ran just behind Cocomelon in second place. The family vlog maintained its strong performance on YouTube by picking up 497.2 million weekly views. We expect Diana and her family to cross the 100 million subscriber milestone in the next few months.

A channel both similar to Kids Diana Show and closest to it in the US Top 50 is Vlad and Niki. The Florida-based channel, based in Eastern Europe, follows its two titular boys as they play with a variety of toys. During the second week of February, Vlad and Niki recovered 388.8 million weekly viewswhich allowed him to retain the third position he achieved a week ago.

The only abbreviated string in the US top five this week is SMOL. Although its lifetime viewership is low compared to other top five channels, it has had an extremely successful year. Since arriving on YouTube in March 2021, SMOL has taken off 7.3 billion lifetime viewswith 363.7 of these views in the last week.

Toys and colors completes the US top five this week. Like the channels that preceded it, it uses happy and positive videos to appeal to young audiences. He recorded 285.6 million weekly views in our latest count.

Top Winners

Lots of shortened US Top 50 strings are confusing. They cobble together millions of views with weird, cryptic and uncomfortable videos. Corn 123 Go! Kevin is doing a good job on YouTube’s TikTok competitor, and its ingenuity is paying off.

Kevin is an actor 123 Go!, which thrived on YouTube’s long-form version by combining a clean, colorful, kid-friendly attitude with scripted storytelling and clever sketches. Although 123 GB! Kevin is first and foremost a short chain, it uses the same formula. His most-watched video teaches kids not to spit out their watermelon seeds by imagining a watermelon person having to have the seeds shaved off like beard hair.

Whether showcasing DIY, prank, or challenge content, the 123GB! The Kevin Channel keeps things creative and fun, which is probably one of the reasons it’s collected more than 617 million views since last August.

The last American Top 50 was particularly kind to Kevin. Over seven days, 123 GB! Kevin picked up 92.1 million weekly views, which led to the all-ages hub making its first appearance on one of our charts. His audience grew by 56% week after week, allowing him to surpass well-established creators like Aphmau and Zhong. Maybe we’ll get back with Kevin once his YouTube hub hits a million subscribers.

Channel distribution

This week there is 26 YouTube short film channels in the US Top 50.

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