Top 50 Most Viewed US YouTube Channels • Week of 03/07/2022

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This week, the top five channels in our Global Top 50 aired in exactly the same order as last week. Topping our US charts, however, we saw a lot more movement. Channel #1 is the same as last week, but behind it are other popular US channels vying for position.

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Cocomelon – nursery rhymes spent a few weeks out of the top spot in the US in May and June, but as the calendar shifts to July, the California-based kid-friendly animation producer seems to be more popular than ever.

Cocomelon owned by Moonbug won 590.9 million weekly views over our last seven-day measurement period. What is the size of this number? Well, no other US-based channel was even below 150 million views. Meanwhile, further down the rankings, Cocomelon’s branch, Lellobee, continues to hold its place in our star-studded rankings.

Like Nastya, which was the most recent non-Cocomelon channel to take the top spot in this ranking, finished second this week after finishing third a week ago. The family vlog, which centers on its eight-year-old holder, got 406.5 million weekly views to edge out all other US-based kidfluencer channels Next week, Like Nastya is also expected to surpass 80 billion lifetime views.

Last week’s US #2, LeoNata family, moved back to third place this week. Despite this drop, the family channel remains the highest-ranked Shorts YouTube hub in our US Top 50. Given that 32 of the 50 channels in the ranking now run primarily on Shorts, LeoNata’s distinction is significant. For the week, the micro-video destination won 404.4 million weekly views.

Diana show for children retained fourth place in the US Top 50 for the second week in a row. This channel has a lot in common with Like Nastya, as they are both run by eight-year-olds with Slavic roots, living in Florida, and with bright personalities. For Diana and her family, this winning strategy has resulted in 345.6 million weekly views in our latest count.

Surprisingly, a gap of just 200,000 views separates this week’s Kids Diana Show and US #5, THE XO-TEAM. The Shorts YouTube channel took a big leap forward this week, but its 345.4 million weekly views left it just short of the #4 spot.

Top Winners

Matt and Abby were already a big draw on TikTok. Then the second half of this duo got pregnant.

Prior to Abby’s baby bump, the most popular videos she and her husband posted usually involved them pranking each other. This approach made them similar to other couples channels, such as Marta and Rustam, but their spins on popular pregnancy memes pushed their YouTube hub to a higher viewing tier. Two of their three most-watched YouTube shorts, including one that received more than 92.4 million views — come from a prenatal point of view.

Abby is due to give birth any day now, which means the duo’s pregnancy content will come to an end and their parenting content will likely take center stage. We’ll see if this shift in focus leads to a better chart position, but for now Matt and Abby are pretty high up in the US Top 50. After registering 97.1 million weekly viewsthe duo’s main YouTube channel has been moved to 44th placeup from 107th a week ago.

I doubt Matt and Abby can count on a 73% increase each week, but they’re still looking to make the most of YouTube. They only launched their official YouTube channel three years ago, so they have plenty of room to grow — or, perhaps, become pregnant.

Channel distribution

This week there is 32 YouTube short film channels in the US Top 50.

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