Top 50 Most Viewed US YouTube Channels • Week of 04/09/2022

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These days, long-form channels are struggling to make it into our US top 50. At the top of the rankings, a select group of channels – all aimed at young children – buck the YouTube Shorts trend.

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And the #1 channel in the US Top 50 is the biggest kids’ content hub of them all.


Cocomelon – nursery rhymes had yet another dominant week. After sitting atop the US Top 50 throughout August, the California producer continued that trend through September. Since he also landed the No. 1 spot in the World Top 50, Cocomelon dominates both of our charts this week. Altogether it picked up 622.3 million weekly views.

There is a great fall from Cocomelon up to Like Nastya, which achieved second-place status in our latest US rankings. The Florida-based vlog, which features the smiling girl who is named in the channel’s title, got 415.8 million weekly views. Although this audience was significantly lower than that of Cocomelon, it represented a 22% increase week over week for Nastya and her family, who surpassed their fourth place a week ago.

LeoNata familywhich posts videos on YouTube‘s short and long versions, finished third in our US Top 50. The all-ages hub, which breaks family adventures and challenges down into smaller chunks, has amassed 360 million weekly views this week. It was an almost identical total to that posted by LeoNata a week ago, when he also finished third in the US Top 50.

Diana show for children followed behind LeoNata in fourth place. The family vlog, which has a similar origin story to Like Nastya (Eastern European roots and a Florida home), was able to slip into the US top five after clinching sixth place a while ago. one week. He collected 324.8 million weekly viewsand he now has over 100 million subscribers – which is another thing he has in common with Nastya and co.

Alan Chikin Chow, the top-ranked YouTube shorts channel in the United States, rounds out our latest top five in the United States. He picked up 316.3 million weekly views.

Top Winners

There’s a new kind of chocolate rain dropping on YouTube, but this one doesn’t have a deep voice or a dramatic piano line. Guichon Armorya French-Swiss pastry chef based in the United States, becomes YouTube’s favorite chocolate maker.

Guichon’s short videos show desserts of all kinds, but he is best known for his work with a specific type of sweets. He is, to say the least, a master chocolatier. He first got over 125 million views by sculpting a chocolate giraffe. Then he used chocolate to make a robot arm that can help him make more chocolate. Xzibit must be proud of him.

Guichon’s chocolate prowess isn’t just catching YouTube’s attention. He was also the host of Chocolate Schoola Netflix series that premiered last year.

But for the purposes of this ranking, Guichon’s YouTube Shorts numbers are his best bet. Of all the US-based channels, hers finished in 13th place in our latest US Top 50 thanks to its 217.3 million weekly views. Guichon’s audience jumped from 24% week after week, and he thinks he will be a regular on these rankings for months to come. At least he has a vault where he can store all that YouTube gold.

Channel distribution

This week there is 32 YouTube short film channels in the US Top 50.

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