Top 50 Most Viewed US YouTube Channels • Week of 05/15/2022

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The second week of May brought new trends to our US top 50.

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The channel that sat atop this channel for most of 2022 has now spent two weeks outside the top spot for the first time this year. Read on to find out which kid-friendly hub has replaced it in this position.


Like Nastya reached #1 on our US Top 50 for two consecutive weeks.

The Florida-based family vlog had a spectacular May. His latest seven-day totals include 804.1 million weekly views. Not only was this traffic enough to lead our ranking in the United States, but it also placed Like Nastya at #1 in our Global Top 50. If the family is able to repeat their performance next week and get another 11% increase in viewership week-over-weekit will approach 900 million weekly views.

Cocomelon – nursery rhymes finished second in the US Top 50 for the second week in a row. The California-based entertainer rarely slips from his perch as America’s No. 1, so we can call the company’s two-week plunge an interesting new development. Maybe Cocomelon will overtake Like Nastya next week, but to do that, he’ll probably have to increase his viewership significantly. In our last seven day period he won 561.3 million weekly views.

Channel #3 in the US Top 50 is also the same as last week. LeoNata family became one of the top channels on YouTube Shorts, and this week saw more YouTube traffic than any other US-based short form hub. By adding 330.9 million weekly views, the LeoNata family has come close to some impressive milestones. It will likely hit 10 billion lifetime views before the summer is over.

Diana show for children is the only channel other than Like Nastya and Cocomelon to take the top spot in this ranking this year, but in our latest count, the family hub is fourth in our US Top 50. 329.2 million weekly views represent an 8% week-over-week increase from its previous seven-day total, and as a result, it moved up one spot from fifth to fourth.

Another YouTube Shorts channel, XO Team, rounds out the US top five this week. With its moralizing content, the micro-video destination has won 292.2 million weekly views and exceeded five billion lifetime views.

Top Winners

It has been five years since Kendrick Lamar last released a full album, but over the past week, the Compton-born rapper’s activity on YouTube has reminded the world that he’s still on top of the rap game.

Kendrick’s new album is called Mr. Morale and the Big Steppers, and all of his tracks are available on the artist’s official VEVO channel. Also, some songs already have their own music videos. The music video for the song ‘N95’ has already 9.8 million weekly viewsand no, it’s not literally on the masks.

The assembly of Mr Morale content on YouTube made Kendrick one of the platform’s top musical performers in the second week of May. During this period, his 80.1 million weekly views on YouTube allowed him to place 48th in our US Top 50. Only two VEVO channels recorded more views this week. Kendrick also passed 10 million subscribers and gets closer 4.5 billion lifetime YouTube views.

And you know what? If the positive reviews for Mr Morale keep coming, Kendrick will climb even higher. With its eye-catching and metaphorical visuals, the “N95” video is reminiscent of its performer’s most-watched music video, for the song “Humble.” This clip has been viewed over 850 million times, so don’t be surprised if “N95” ends up reaching nine-figure views on its own.

Channel distribution

This week there is 26 YouTube short film channels in the US Top 50.

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