Top 50 most viewed US YouTube channels • Week of 06/03/2022

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At the top of our US Top 50, there’s been a big shake-up this week.

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The chain that has dominated this ranking since the start of 2022 has slipped to second place. Meanwhile, YouTube Shorts channels and kid-friendly hubs continue to earn high positions on the charts.


Say hello to your new #1 American, Like Nastya.

The all-ages channel is the official home of its titular star, whose videos are translated into Korean, Spanish, Arabic and many other languages. Its English-language home page reaches an audience of over 88 million subscribersand this week he rode a 10% more traffic to reach the number one spot in our US rankings. For the week, Like Nastya picked up 610.2 million weekly views.

Of course, if Like Nastya is number 1 this week, it means we are witnessing one of those rare occasions when Cocomelon – nursery rhymes does not dominate our US Top 50. The singing animation producer posted another big week as the calendar shifted to March, raking in 551.9 million weekly views. Even though this audience helped Cocomelon get through the 130 million subscribers plateau, it wasn’t enough to stop Like Nastya from jumping over it.

The third- and fourth-place chains in this week’s US Top 50 both retained the positions they held a week ago. Diana show for children, who has his roots in Ukraine but lives in Florida, finished third in the United States for the second week in a row. Diana and her family, including her brother Roma, star in videos that have received 438.2 million weekly views early March.

Vlad and Niki rounded out the superfecta of kid-friendly channels at the start of this week’s US Top 50. The family vlog is the home of its two titular boys. Like so many other chains of its kind, Vlad and Niki have roots in Eastern Europe (Russia, to be precise) but are based in Florida.

Marta and Rustam completes the US top five this week. The wacky channel, also known as Khamitovy, ranked higher than any other US-based Shorts YouTube channel this week. The titular couple’s last seven-day total was 273 million weekly views.

Top Winners

I’m not convinced that an average doctor would recommend seeing a TikTok doctor, but if you’re considering seeking diagnostic opinions from the short-form video community, you might as well trust a real doctor.

Dr. Richard Brown is a plastic surgeon who uses social media to voice his opinion on medical trends and viral videos. Use name Doctor RickyBrown has become one of TikTok’s most popular personalities with an MD Boosted by his success on that platform, he’s now also taking on YouTube Shorts.

Doctor Ricky has found success on YouTube’s short-form video platforms by mixing honest advice with wacky reactions. Your tolerance for his most-watched videos will depend on your sensitivity, but even if you’re easily spooked, you can hopefully feel satisfaction when you see an earphone dislodge from someone’s head.

These videos got Doctor Ricky 97 million YouTube views during the first week of March. It took his Lifetime YouTube audience to the top 200 million (again, his channel is still fairly new) and pushed him up to 30th place in our Top 50 in the United States. For Doc Brown, that mainstream must feel just as good as popping a particularly annoying pimple.

Channel distribution

This week there is 23 YouTube short film channels in the US Top 50.

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