Top 50 Most Viewed US YouTube Channels • Week of 06/19/2022

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No one was even close to the #1 channel in the US Top 50 this week.

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Not only did this channel extend the lead it had a week ago, but it also found room for some of its sister channels in our all-American ranking. Read on to find out where all the contenders have placed.


Cocomelon – nursery rhymes got nearly twice as many views as any other US-based channel this week. The California-based animation hub put together a nice streak of solid graphics performance this spring, and its latest show is no exception. The family chain got 595.1 million weekly viewswhich was good for a 21% increase in viewership week over week. And there’s more Cocomelon news hitting the chart this week, so stay tuned for that.

LeoNata family reached its highest position this week, ranking second in the US Top 50. The Shorts YouTube channel specializes in micro-videos suitable for all ages. This strategy seems to work better with each passing week. In our last tally, LeoNata got 390.9 million weekly views and improved its traffic by 31% week after week.

The channel that earned a few #1s ended last month, Like Nastya, finished at No. 3 on the US Top 50 for the second week in a row. The Florida family vlog, which has roots in Eastern Europe, is appealing to young viewers around the world. 387.2 million weekly views may represent a down week for Nastya and her parents, but it’s still the kind of ratings that most other channels can only dream of.

Like Like Nastya, the fourth-place finisher in this week’s US Top 50 is a channel that has a Florida home and a Slavic origin story. Diana show for childrenhome base of the eight-year-old Ukrainian native, fell two spots in our US rankings this week, but he still managed an impressive total of 368.6 million weekly views. Like Nastya and Kids Diana Show have approximately 96 million subscribers.

With 295.5 million weekly viewsthe Shorts YouTube channel SMOL completes the US top five this week. With its kid-friendly clips, SMOL was able to appeal to a large audience via YouTube competitor TikTok.

Top Winners

So you know how I said there would be more Cocomelon news later in this post? Well, get ready, because Cocomelon-derived chains are coming.

It’s true: the ubiquitous nursery rhyme chain has now spawned several offshoots, some of which are finding their own position on our charts. Lellobee by Cocomelon launched only last December, but it already has more than 2.2 million subscribers and 685 million lifetime views.

Compared to Cocomelon, Lellobee opts for a more bucolic atmosphere. He describes his setting as an “urban farm,” which allows him to portray an urban or rural setting as needed. But don’t get me wrong – at the end of the day, Lellobee is quite similar to its parent channel. The most watched video on Lellobee is a rendition of “Wheels on the Bus”, which is also sung in a highly watched Cocomelon music video.

As you might have guessed, kids these days just can’t get enough of Lellobee’s catchy tunes. The channel makes its second appearance in our US Top 50 by picking up 99.5 million weekly views. It was good for a 8% traffic jam since we published our previous chart. It won’t be long before Lellobee gets its billionth view, and if that’s not enough for you to dominate Cocomelon, the media entity has plenty of other channels that get millions of views every week.

Channel distribution

This week there is 31 YouTube short film channels in the US Top 50.

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