Top 50 most viewed US YouTube channels • Week of 07/24/2022

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Again, it’s been a good week to be a US-based kid-friendly YouTube channel.

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Of the top ten channels at the top of our latest Top 50 in the US ranking, nine of them cater primarily to kids and families. And the #1-ranked channel has built a YouTube empire by attracting the video site’s youngest audience.


Cocomelon – nursery rhymes crossed all of our July charts without slipping from the top spot of the US Top 50. The California-based chain, which also operates several other Top 50 hubs (hello, US #34 Lellobee), got 494.7 million weekly views during our most recent measurement period. While that’s less than 50% of the peak viewership Cocomelon received (it was the first YouTube channel to rack up a billion views in a single week), it’s still an impressive total. Cocomelon also topped the US Top 50 in terms of lifetime views and subscribers.

Another chart regular also holds the No. 2 position. The second in our US Top 50 is Like Nastya, which features the adventures of the titular daughter and her parents. From their home in Florida, the family has garnered over 81 billion views in total, and over the past seven days they have added 483.7 million weekly views to this already impressive total. With such numbers, it’s no surprise that Nastya has become the biggest individual creator among all YouTube family channels.

Another all-ages hub is hot on the heels of Nastya. Diana show for childrenthe home of a Ukrainian family with a house in Florida, got 447 million views during the week that was. Although it wasn’t enough traffic to keep pace with Cocomelon and Like Nastya, it was enough to secure the third spot on the US Top 50. It also brought Diana and her family closer to 100 million subscribers; they only need 1.4 million more fans on YouTube to reach that milestone.

In case that’s not enough for you, the #4 channel in the US Top 50 has even more. LeoNata family burst onto YouTube Shorts with enjoyable, kid-friendly videos, and this strategy catalyzed the channel’s rapid growth on YouTube. Even though its creators only started uploading to YouTube last September, they have already garnered more than 12 billion lifetime views.

With 264.3 million weekly views for seven days, Alan Chikin Chow completes the US top five this week. Alan’s channel is the only top five channel entirely focused on YouTube Shorts, and he’s also the only member of that group that doesn’t explicitly cater to younger viewers.

Top Winners

albert can cook, and with his last seven-day performance, he proved he could carve out a place in the American Top 50 as well.

When we last spoke to the Belarusian-born American chef, he was a booming maker with a “very expensive hobby” and a recipe drawer full of frankenfoods. Although Albert’s rise on YouTube has been propelled in part by his Mexican recipes, his most-watched clips are mostly inspired by fast food. I’m not surprised that his Best Shorts YouTube Video combines Chick-fil-a with Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. Can another flavor combo match the memetic potential of this duo?

The bad news for Albert is that his expensive hobby won’t be cheaper in this economy. The good news is that his YouTube earnings can now help pay for his extravaganzas. The video above took place 73.1 million viewsand in total, Albert collected 1.9 billion lifetime views since it started uploading to YouTube in November 2020.

Last week, he landed one of his best chart performances yet. In the American Top 50, he finished in 33rd placethanks to 107.3 million weekly views its received content. That’s a nice boost for Mr Albert, but it leaves only one question: how big are his royalty payments to Bo Burnham? The musical comedian’s song about Jeff Bezos became Albert’s de facto soundtrack.

Channel distribution

This week there is 29 YouTube short film channels in the US Top 50.

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