Top 50 Most Viewed US YouTube Channels • Week of 08/28/2022

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For years, family channels have dominated our US Top 50. But the latest data shows a clear change. If these channels want to stay on top, they have two options: start posting on YouTube Shorts or become Cocomelon.

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Cocomelon – nursery rhymes seems to be the exception to all the rules that govern the American Top 50. The California-based host is an empire of kid-friendly content, and while other channels struggle with fluctuating viewership, Cocomelon continues to dominate. He got 572.1 million weekly views in our last count, and that total was enough to guarantee that Cocomelon will be the #1 chain on our ranking in the US for the entire month of August.

Next in the US Top 50, we have a little surprise. Alan Chikin Chow has been a regular attendee of our all-American entrant since the start of the year, but YouTube Shorts’ creator is now moving to a higher audience tier. With his fun and fast videos, Alan was able to accumulate 362.3 million weekly views end of August. This made him number 2 on our US chart and the highest ranked Shorts YouTube channel. This kind of success is no joke.

By climbing to second place in the US Top 50, Alan Chikin Chow hits LeoNata family up to the third. The all-ages channel, which produces cute short videos and then collects them into long-form compilations, is closing in on 10 million subscribers. Thanks to this growing audience, LeoNata is recording views on a clip that few channels can match: it reached third place in our last American ranking by winning 360.1 million weekly views.

Like Nastya is just behind LeoNata in fourth place. The family vlog, which spent a few weeks at the top of this chart earlier this summer, has dipped a bit from its previous pace. However, he still has 340.8 million weekly views in our last count, and he hit a major milestone: congratulations to Nastya and her family for hitting 100 million subscribers on their main YouTube channel!

Another YouTube Shorts channel, This little puff, rounds out our US top five this week. Seven days after ranking eighth among US-based chains, the feline cooking hub has moved up three spots thanks to its 303.2 million weekly views.

Top Winners

Shorts channels now make up nearly two-thirds of our Top 50 in the US, but YouTube believes the best way to use its platform is to be a “multi-format” creator. It makes sense: a combination of short and long content allows videographers to bring together a large audience with varying tastes.

Lucas and Marcuswho landed at 23rd place in our latest US Top 50, use the multi-format approach to extend and diversify their careers. You might know these twins as two of the Dobre siblings: they’ve appeared in videos alongside siblings Cyrus and Darius.

Their shared channel is unusual: the top ten most viewed videos include six short clips and four long uploads. The shorthand headings, including a prank that has been viewed over 323 million times, all of which have arrived on their channel within the past eight months. It’s rare for creators to find so much success on both halves of the YouTube platform.

The twins also employ a strategy favored by the rising class of multiformat. They evolve into different genres in order to fit specific runtimes. Their short stars are all pranks and dares, while their long-running hits include music videos and vlogs.

By matching videos with the formats that work best for them, Lucas and Marcus are thriving. After ranking 49th in the US Top 50 a week ago, the twins went to the 23rd this week. Their 165.5 million weekly views represent a 59% increase week over week. Seven years after rising to prominence on YouTube, the Dobres are still going strong, though they now choose to keep it short.

Channel distribution

This week there is 32 YouTube short film channels in the US Top 50.

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