Top 50 Most Viewed US YouTube Channels • Week of 09/11/2022

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YouTube Shorts channels now make up two-thirds of channels in the US Top 50, but until this week most of these hubs weren’t in the top five.

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Now some abbreviated strings are popping up, but the #1 string in the US rankings has us saying “same old, same old.”


CoComelon – Nursery Rhymes is set to embark on a massive 62-city tour of the United States, and now is the perfect time for the brand to capitalize on its success on YouTube. CoComelon hasn’t dropped below the No. 1 spot on our US Top 50 in months, and this week was no different. CoComelon received 591.7 million weekly views, and while there are plenty of other YouTube channels that offer nursery rhymes, none of them are as popular. In fact, no other US-based channel had over 450 million views this week.

LeoNata family increased its audience 21% week after week, and this leap has brought it closer to CoComelon than any other US-based chain. Although the LeoNata channel has only been established for one year, it is approaching 15 billion views for life, and it has obtained 435.9 million views last week. It turns out that family content and YouTube shorts are a powerful combination.

Speaking of Shorts, the highest ranked channel with the red Shorts logo next to its name is SportsNation. By reaching number three in the US Top 50, this archive of sports achievements reached its highest ranking ever on our US charts. SportsNation increased its audience by 67% week after weekwhich made it rise to 347.8 million weekly views. That’s how you go from 14th place to third.

The fourth place in the American Top 50 goes to Diana show for children. The family vlog is a regular entrant on our global and US charts, and it was able to maintain its position near the top of the US chart by ranking 334.6 million weekly views. Diana and her family need about 20 billion views to reach 100 billion on their main channel, so they can reach that point next year.

Another family vlog rounds out this week’s US top five. Like Nastya has fallen three places since last week, but he still managed to stay near the top of the leaderboard by securing 302.8 million weekly views.

Top Winners

If you think every popular YouTube Shorts channel features comedy skits, pranks, or family challenges, then you’ve forgotten one of the most important rules of the internet: there’s always room for cute animals. Nico the Pomeranian made this week’s US Top 50 by finding fun ways to help its owner.

Nico placed 34th in our US leaderboard after collecting 131 million weekly views. This total represents a 7% increase week over week, which may not seem like a lot, but it’s actually Nico’s biggest increase ever on YouTube. (More on this later.)

Like another popular Shorts YouTube channel, That Little Puff, Nico the Pomeranian is an anthropomorphic representation. He thinks like a human, carries objects like a human, and eats the same foods as humans, all thanks to the magic of editing. In his most-watched YouTube video, Nico saves his real human of certain spicy foods. The clip recorded over 51 million views nowadays.

Is Nico’s success on YouTube a harbinger? Keep in mind that this string is very New. Since arriving from TikTok, Nico has only collected 339 million lifetime views. So it’s still early days for this pup, and if he can train his adorable eyes to top the US Top 50, he can make it happen.

Channel distribution

This week there is 33 YouTube short film channels in the US Top 50.

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