Top 50 Most Viewed US YouTube Channels • Week of 09/18/2022

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In this week’s US Top 50, the top five have been swept away. All of these chart positions were taken by channels that appeal to babies, toddlers, children and families.

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Naturally, the top-ranked channel is the only one that can call itself America’s favorite family channel.


CoComelon – Nursery Rhymes always going strong. The Californian producer of children’s animation recorded 526.6 million views during the third week of September, which established it as the undisputed number 1 on our US Top 50. What is the dominance of CoComelon? If you were to divide its weekly viewership in half, it would still have claimed fourth place in our US rankings.

LeoNata family was the only other US-based channel to cross the 300 million views mark this week. The short-form content destination lost 28% of its viewership week-over-week, but still managed to retain the second-place status it achieved a week ago. In total, LeoNata picked up 313.8 million weekly views and now has more 15 billion lifetime views on Youtube.

Diana show for children also experienced a drop in traffic between the second and third week of the month, but thanks to the audience it already had, it was able to establish itself as the No. 3 channel in the American Top 50. The family vlog, which follows the adventures of an eight-year-old globetrotter, remains one of the top three channels in its category. He proved his massive appeal this week by adding 294.2 million weekly views to its total lifetime.

The channel in fourth place this week saw a huge boost (+25% viewership week-over-week) to land a spot in the US top five. Vlad and Nikiwhich falls into a similar niche as Kids Diana Show, raised 257.8 million weekly views and moved up 15 shots into the US Top 50. The two Russian-born boys at the center of the channel have now brought more than 68 billion lifetime views to the YouTube hub that bears their names.

D billion completes the US top five this week. The impactful and colorful children’s channel counted 248.3 million weekly views.

Top Winners

Even though his name sounds like something you’d pick out of the trash, JunkTramp is becoming a sacred name in the world of extreme sports. The California-based hub broke onto TikTok, where his high-flying videos have garnered more than seven million followers.

Now, JunkTramp’s vertical videos are hitting YouTube Shorts in greater numbers, and the channel just made its very first appearance in our US Top 50. It reached 34th place after picking up 121.4 million weekly views. Not only was it a 42% increase week over weekbut it was also more traffic than all of JunkTramp’s previous YouTube views, combined.

Those millions of viewers are thrilled by the titular structure, a trampoline wall built by JR Coles in his backyard. Aerial athletes and acrobats have used the JunkTramp to perform amazing feats, but no matter how many precise jumps, treadmill stunts and side dives these daredevils have pulled off, their failures are just as fun for kids. viewers. The most viewed clip on the JunkTramp YouTube channel, which has been viewed 21 million timesis an epic failure:

I commend Coles and his colleagues for their willingness to upload their biggest bails. They won’t be releasing one of those US Top 50 videos this week: for JunkTramp, the results are pure success.

Channel distribution

This week there is 34 YouTube short film channels in the US Top 50.

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