Top 50 Most Viewed US YouTube Channels • Week of 10/04/2022

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Make it three No. 1s in a row for America’s favorite nursery rhyme channel.

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Even though this channel lost 8% of its viewership week-over-week, it maintained its status as the most-watched US-based YouTube channel. It was the only such channel to register at least 500 million views this week.


If you log on to our chart posts, you know I’m talking about Cocomelon – nursery rhymes. The ubiquitous children’s brand continues to keep the cogs of its content machine turning. This week, he posted three new animations on his main YouTube channel, which attracted 504.3 million weekly views during this period. Oh, and all of these new videos already have millions of views.

There’s no shame in finishing second behind Cocomelon, and this week that honor goes to Diana show for children. The Florida-based family vlog has racked up a strong following through 2022, and it continued its big year by racking up 468.3 million weekly views in our latest count. With these added wins, Kids Diana Show now has over 73 billion lifetime views – third best among all US Top 50 channels.

Third place in the American Top 50 goes to This little puff. By combining fluffy little cat paws with even fluffier pancakes, the TikTok spin-off cooking show became the highest-ranked Shorts YouTube channel on this chart. Over the past seven days, Puff and co. picked up 323.4 million weekly views and increased by two points accordingly.

The last chain other than Cocomelon to take the top spot in this ranking was Like Nastya, but in our latest ranking of US-based channels, eight-year-old Nastya and her family slipped to fourth place. That doesn’t mean the family vlog audience is anything to sneeze at. On the contrary, he still recorded 279.3 million weekly viewswhich allowed her lifetime audience to stay just ahead of Kids Diana Show.

LankyBox completes the US top five this week. The gaming channel, which has found 16.9 million devoted subscribers on YouTube, recorded 269.3 million weekly views during the week that was.

Top Winners

On TikTok and YouTube Shorts, creators like Nick DiGiovanni have used quick, quick editing to revolutionize the cooking video. Another practitioner of this style (and an occasional collaborator of DiGiovanni) is Max the meat guy. Don’t be fooled – there’s more to this meat guy than meets the eye.

Of course, Max has plenty of videos in which he shows off his high-level butchering skills. But for each of these gourmet creations, there is another that references a well-known meme. His recollection of when he was kicked out of a Wendy’s parking lot manages to combine the intellectual with the intellectual. Maybe that’s why it was watched more than 47 million times.

Max’s most recent week on YouTube Shorts was also his best. He had 72.8 million weekly views in mid-April, which allowed him to break into the American Top 50 in 48th place. Keep in mind he ranked 102nd a week earlier. In addition to increasing its audience of 67% week after week, it also surpassed two million subscribers. Now these are moderately rare achievements.

What’s next for Max? Lately, he’s been collaborating with meat maestro Guga Foods, so be sure to check out those videos if you’re in his channel.

Channel distribution

This week there is 25 YouTube short film channels in the US Top 50.

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