Top 50 Most Viewed US YouTube Channels • Week of 10/16/2022

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Kid-friendly channels almost always claim the top five spots in our US Top 50. This week, however, there are two exceptions.

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Family content is still booming, but so are the humor and sports creators who make a living on YouTube Shorts.


CoComelon – Nursery Rhymes made a triumphant return to the top of our Global Top 50 this week. By definition, this means that the California-based chain has also beaten its competition in the United States. CoComelon collected 611.4 million weekly views to maintain its lead in the US Top 50. Don’t be surprised if it has 150 million subscribers and almost 150 billion lifetime views by the end of the year.

This week’s US Top 50 runner-up moved up two spots to second place. Vlad and Niki is one of three multilingual family vlogs that typically rank in the top five of our star-rated rankings. He was able to beat the other two members of this group by accumulating 367.2 million weekly views during the second full week of October. Since many channels have been losing viewership week over week, that number has come a long way.

The next channel in the US Top 50 is the highest ranked entrant whose videos appear primarily on YouTube Shorts. Alan Chikin Chow was a big name on TikTok even before competing platform YouTube existed, but has now reached a new level of internet fame. The comedian got 326.5 million views during the week that has been, and that has allowed him to maintain third place in our American ranking. Not bad for a guy who was barely on YouTube a few years ago.

Another relatively new channel, LeoNata family, posted a fourth place in our US Top 50. For most creators, that would be an incredible feat, but since LeoNata finished second in this ranking a week ago, her latest performance is a bit disappointing. The all-ages division always received 319.9 million weekly viewsso it’s nothing to sniff at, even if it represents a week-over-week decline.

Highlight House completes the US top five this week. Basketball-based hub prepares for NBA season by committing 266.7 million weekly views.

Top Winners

Last week, I discussed LankyBox World, which gives several LankyBox US Top 50 entries in our US rankings. However, there is another Top 50 entrant tied to one of the biggest US channels in YouTube history.

Diana show for children often reached the top five alongside other family vlogs such as Like Nastya and Vlad and Niki. This week, Diana’s main channel fell all the way to 17th place, but at the same time, one of her other hubs surged forward.

Diana and Roma EN is the mainly English-speaking base of the Kids Diana brand. Although the family behind the Diana videos have ties to Ukraine, Florida and Dubai, they are able to target individual language speakers by broadcasting on a multilingual network of YouTube channels.

So what are eight-year-old Diana and her brother Roma doing in their English videos? They’re pretty typical kids, to be honest. They love going to the beach, eating chocolate, and (of course) exploring the Disney canon. This Frozen-the front clip pulled over 130 million views.

Diana and Roma EN just had one of her best weeks on YouTube. His videos received 94.6 million weekly viewswhich was good for a 91% increase in traffic week over week. This propelled the hub from 97th place a week ago to 49th place in our US Top 50. Everything is in the working day of these two young globetrotters.

Channel distribution

This week there is 32 YouTube short film channels in the US Top 50.

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