Top 50 Most Viewed US YouTube Channels • Week of 10/2/2022

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YouTube Shorts has taken another step up our US Top 50. For the first time, the majority of the top five channels have significant operations on competitor TikTok.

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The #1 channel, however, is known around the world for its ability to provide kids with long-lasting entertainment.


Cocomelon – nursery rhymes remains well ahead of the pack in our US Top 50. With a countdown of seven days from 545.5 million weekly views, the California-based hub actually lost viewership week over week. That didn’t make our all-American ranking much closer, since Cocomelon still has a nine-figure viewership lead over the American runner-up.

LeoNata family isn’t listed as a YouTube Shorts channel, but don’t get me wrong – the family destination appeals to its audience through short clips. The only reason it’s not marked as such is its large library of long-form videos, many of which are compilations of short films. This multi-format approach landed LeoNata in second place in our US Top 50. The year-long chain has collected 428.2 million weekly views.

Diana show for children is next in the US Top 50. The globetrotting channel is one of three family vlogs that typically reach the top of our US rankings (the other two are Vlad & Niki and Like Nastya). This week, however, Kids Diana Show is the only member of this group to make the top five. By picking up 400.2 million weekly viewsDiana’s main YouTube channel finished third in our star-studded ranking.

Alan Chikin Chow, which found itself just outside the US top five last week, broke into this rarefied territory in early October. The comedian, whose eponymous channel has been a mainstay of YouTube Shorts since the platform’s inception, is now gaining more audiences than ever. counting 305.4 million views over the past week, Alan Chikin Chow joined three other US-based channels in the 300 million view club.

SMOL completes the US top five this week. YouTube channel Shorts moved up two places (and crossed 15 billion lifetime views) after claiming 298 million weekly views.

Top Winners

In the ’90s, if you were a bunch of teeny-boppers from Orlando and wanted to make it big, you had to wait until Lou Perlman discovered you. Three decades later, an Orlando-based girl group has found a new way to get their name. Triple Charma trio of sisters who are gifted in song and dance, have just entered our American Top 50 for the first time.

If you’ve watched all of the top videos on the Triple Charm YouTube channel, you might not realize you’re watching a musical act. Sisters Amalia, Raena and Gabriella get millions of views with typical short dishes: challenges, pranks and assorted memes.

These clips bring traffic to the Triple Charm channel, and once viewers arrive, they can stick around and watch the trio’s music videos. The sisters have that classic girl group feel, and while I’m not on top of fashion trends, these sons still scream ’90s at me.

So, will the next Backstreet Boys come from YouTube Shorts? After getting 111 million weekly views and increase their audience 62% week after weekthe Triple Charm sisters moved on to 40th place in the US Top 50. I wouldn’t call them pop stars yet, but they’ve struck a powerful balance between old-school pop and new-school marketing.

Channel distribution

This week there is 31 YouTube short film channels in the US Top 50.

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