Top 50 Most Viewed US YouTube Channels • Week of 10/30/2022

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To celebrate Halloween, our American top 50 has a big surprise in store for us.

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The chain that ruled the roost for months has fallen to third place – and that’s not a gimmick. Read on to learn more about the current leader of our all-American ranking.


Say hello to the new President of America’s Top 50, Alan Chikin Chow. The YouTube Shorts star, who broke out on TikTok, is now capturing a massive following across multiple platforms. On YouTube, his comedic sketches propelled him to the number one spot by earning him 431.9 million weekly views. This 35% increase week over week earned Alan a promotion after being United States runner-up seven days ago.

Alan Chikin Chow was the top Shorts YouTube channel in our US Top 50 this week, but another short form hub is hot on its heels. Duetify has had a remarkable run over the past two weeks, and even though he has only 487.5 million lifetime views on YouTube, it reached number two on our US chart. 341.3 million of these views came during our last seven-day measuring period, so Duetify’s success is something to sing about.

Cocomelon – nursery rhymes led that chart for months, but despite its streak of big weeks, it fell back to No. 3 on the US Top 50. The child-friendly entertainment center lost 32% of its audience week over week, which knocked him out of first place. Even though 340.7 million weekly views is a small total for Cocomelon, it’s still enough for the channel to get more seven-day traffic than any other US-based long hub.

Another channel known for its long-form videos rose to number four this week. MrBeast may be America’s most famous designer, but this chart placement is unusual for him. The channel operated by Jimmy Donaldson was able to pick up 282.6 million weekly views and move from 53rd place to fourth. Donaldson didn’t even post a new video during the relevant measurement period — he’s just that big.

LeoNata family completes the US top five this week. The all-ages hub, which became a mainstay on this chart as YouTube Shorts rose to prominence, has taken over 276.4 million weekly views.

Top Winners

As you can see there was a lot of activity at the top of our chart. That doesn’t mean the rest of the leaderboard was boring. In fact, the plot continued until the last chart position.

At #50 in the US Top 50, rainbow ice cream hold court. Despite its name, the short-form hub is not affiliated with any particular candy store. Instead, it uses keywords that are commonly searched for by kids to compile an incredible audience.

Consider Rainbow Ice Cream’s most watched video. The YouTube Shorts clip references at least five different trends that are generating massive appeal, including ASMR, Oddly Satisfying Compilations, Marvel Characters, and… COVID-19? If I’m not mistaken, it’s a coronavirus particle coming out of the green bottle.

Somehow, COVID-19 has become a trending topic among kid-friendly YouTube Shorts clips. Two weeks ago, I shared a popular video from Indian channel VFX HD, and this viral hit also showed peak protein. It makes sense if you think about it: people all over the world are looking for content related to COVID-19.

It might seem strange to target kids with a video like this, but Rainbow Ice Cream’s keyword soup works. The chain got 93.5 million weekly views (which more than doubled its previous total of seven days) and barely cracked the US Top 50. Even if you’re not a toddler who loves bright colors, this hub can still tell you about the top trending YouTube Shorts.

Channel distribution

This week there is 32 YouTube short film channels in the US Top 50.

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