Top 50 most watched US YouTube channels • Week of 07/31/2022

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This week in the US Top 50: The top four channels in the rankings changed their positions from last week, while a YouTube hub Shorts made a big push to reach fifth place.

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At the top of the charts, however, the same channel that topped the charts a week ago has retained its rarefied status.


Cocomelon – nursery rhymes is still No. 1, at least among its domestic competitors. The California-based entertainer is building an empire in America’s Top 50. While its main channel retained the top spot by ranking 497.3 million weekly viewsits companion hub Lellobee made its third straight appearance on our all-American chart.

Three more family-friendly chains occupy the three positions directly behind Cocomelon. The second in our latest US Top 50 is Diana show for children, which ranked first out of three “kidfluencer” channels that ranked in the top ten. Diana’s channel, which entertains an audience of 99.1 million subscribers, moved up a spot after a big week. His 496.2 million weekly views put it right behind Cocomelon. If only he could have pushed his 11% week-over-week viewership a little higher – he might have made it to the top spot.

The next family channel is LeoNata family. After climbing to #4 in our US Top 50 a week ago, LeoNata jumped up at the end of July. The third place of the chain was propelled by its 406.1 million weekly views and its ability to use multiple formats. Many of LeoNata’s popular videos are four-minute compilations of her short-form offerings.

Diana and LeoNata’s gains mean last week’s US runner-up fell two places. Like Nastya peaked in the Global Top 50 in calendar year 2022, but is now fourth in the US Top 50 after losing 23% of its viewership week-over-week. This left Nastya and her family with 372.6 million weekly views. Like Kids Diana Show, Like Nastya will soon boast its 100 millionth subscriber.

This little puff rounds out our US top five. The feline culinary chain, which obtained 355.1 million weekly views in our last count, is the highest ranked US hub that operates primarily on YouTube Shorts.

Top Winners

Family content and comedy are two of the best performing categories on YouTube Shorts. Mark Adams – which styles its channel name as Markkadams– found a way to combine these two genres. As a result, TikTok’s transplant has also connected with YouTube’s vast audience.

Adams is a comedian at heart. His most-watched YouTube video includes only tangential references to family, and its main focus is on explaining the interjections heard in Michael Jackson’s song “Smooth Criminal.” To date, the bit has reeled 50.8 million views.

Overall, Adams’ YouTube Shorts library is fun for the whole family. Whether he’s taking the perspective of a younger sibling or a middle child, Adams employs a fast pace, witty writing, and wacky visual effects. The result is comedy gold: in seven days, the creator won 93.8 million weekly viewswhich allowed him to sneak into the American Top 50 in 48th place.

Even though he just increased his YouTube audience by 8% week after week, Adams is just getting started. If he can repeat his performance next week, he will reach 1.5 billion lifetime views on YouTube.

Channel distribution

This week there is 30 YouTube Short Film Channels in the US Top 50.

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