Top 50 most watched YouTube channels in the world • Week of 01/30/2021

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This week, again, the top five most-watched YouTube channels in the world are all based in the United States or India.

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The land of free software contributes the most channels to our new Global Top 50, with 21. At the top of the rankings, however, India – and one of its biggest record labels in particular – continues to reign supreme.


At the start of 2022, T-Series spent some time outside of the top spot on this ranking, but lately the music and film hub has returned to the top and remains there. During our most recent measurement period, the T-series recorded 893.8 million weekly views. This has created a gap between #1 and #2 that is larger than the gap between the other top 50 channels.

Said channel #2 is Cocomelon – nursery rhymes. The global runner-up had an impressive week, despite finishing around 180 million views behind T-Series in the tally. In seven days, the American producer of children’s content has amassed 712.7 million weekly viewswhich topped all other US-based chains.

Third place in the World Top 50 goes to SET India, the Sony-owned channel that serves a TV fan audience in South Asia. Offering everything from period romances to talk shows, SET India serves a wide variety of viewers, which explains the impressive numbers it has racked up. In the last week of January, SET India stalled 672.5 million weekly views.

Up to fourth is Diana show for children. With cheerful clips featuring young Diana and her brother Roma, this channel has established itself as one of the top destinations for family content worldwide. The US-based hub has taken over 519.3 million weekly viewswhich allowed it to end January as one of four chains above the half-billion mark.

Rounding out this week’s global top five is another Sony-owned Indian channel. Sony SAwhich offers all kinds of television programs but focuses in particular on comedy, shaken by 493.5 million weekly views to complete an unchanged top five from the previous week.

Top Winners

Speaking of Indian comedy, let’s talk about the Kukrejas.

If you pay close attention to these rankings, you have probably noticed the regular presence of Dushyant Kukreja, an Indian comedian whose sketches regularly propel him into the World Top 50. With his impressive hair and 8.6 million YouTube subscribers, he’s a big star – but is he even the most popular designer in his own family?

Dushyant’s younger sister, Priyal Kukreja, broke into the Global Top 50 this week. Her channel is newer than her brother’s, but this week she actually overtook him, finishing four places higher than him in the rankings. It’s the most amazing battle between the Kukreja siblings since the time they faced off to see who could get more free chocolate at the convenience store.

Perhaps Priyal’s easy success can be partly attributed to her brother’s existing following, but that hasn’t stopped her from posting impressive numbers. She has reached 22nd place in the World Top 50 by adding 236.2 million weekly views. This number, which is a 76% increase compared to its previous weekly total, boosted its lifetime YouTube audience to over 1 billion.

But I still have other questions like “Which brother or sister is the better Sorry! player?” This has always been the big rivalry in my family, although it seems that the Kukreja have very different concerns from mine.

Channel distribution

Here is a breakdown of the 50 most watched channels this week according to their country of origin:

  • United States: 21 channels in the Top 50.
  • India: 12 channels in the Top 50.
  • Russia: 4 channels in the Top 50.
  • Pakistan: 3 channels in the Top 50.
  • Japan: 2 channels in the Top 50.
  • Bangladesh, Italy, Mexico, Moldova, Netherlands, South Korea, Turkey and Vietnam: 1 channel each in the Top 50.

This week, 27 channels in the Top 50 are mainly active on YouTube Shorts.

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