Top 50 most watched YouTube channels in the world • Week of 02/06/2021

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This week, the top five in our Global Top 50 were the only YouTube channels in the world to achieve at least 400 million views in the first week of February.

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If you think that’s a lot, keep in mind that the top-ranked channel surpassed the 800 million views mark for the second week in a row. Read on to learn more about what changed in the world of YouTube when the calendar moved to a new month.


The world’s leading content producer, by weekly YouTube views, is T-series. Although the Indian label found itself outside of this position at the start of 2022, it has since returned to its usual form and spent four consecutive weeks at the top of our Global Top 50. He recorded 876.6 million weekly views in the first week of February, and it took his lifetime YouTube audience above 180 billion views.

The second channel in this week’s Global Top 50 is also based in the second most populous country in the world. SET Indiawhich provides TV content to an audience of more than 126 million subscribers, moved up a spot to take the spot just behind T-Series. We measured 682.6 million weekly views for the hub owned by Sony.

Of the 21 US-based channels that made their way into the Global Top 50 this week, the one that reached the highest chart position is Cocomelon – nursery rhymes. The California-based content producer, who recently announced plans to start distributing podcasts on Spotify, has recorded 658.9 million weekly views. This was 8% less traffic than Cocomelon had produced the previous week, and this drop caused the channel to slip from second place to third.

The month may have moved to February, but Diana show for children still ranks fourth in our Global Top 50, just like in January. The family vlog, led by the titular seven-year-old and her brother Roma, added 497.2 million weekly views over our last seven-day measurement period.

Sony SA completes an all-American and Indian global top five. The Indian channel, which is linked to SET India and offers a similar selection of TV programmes, received 488.1 million weekly views to retain the No. 5 spot he won a week ago.

Top Winners

There are 12 different nations recognized in this week’s Global Top 50, but other than US-based channels, there is only one North American entrant in the chart. Let’s talk about the only representative of Mexico in the Top 50, Job Othoniel.

Job Othoniel has been on the rise lately and in the first week of February it reached its highest position yet. It’s finish 11th in the world, rising from 19th place thanks to a 20% increase in viewership week over week. In total, the channel received 288.6 million weekly viewsand since its launch on YouTube in April 2020, it has collected more than 1.6 billion total views.

The videos bringing together all of these views are YouTube Shorts clips that show people at work. As the About Job Othoniel page says, “This channel focuses primarily on informative videos in addition to a wide variety of topics every entrepreneur should know about.”

The stars of Job Othoniel are workers from all over the world. They are women who work in a soap factory and shoe shiners and creative and artistic people. These workers seem to represent many countries outside of Mexico, but the advice the chain distributes can be applied by anyone, from anywhere, especially if you have pans to clean and a big bucket of grease.

Job Othoniel’s videos have Spanish titles, but without a doubt, this channel is truly global.

Channel distribution

Here is a breakdown of the 50 most watched channels this week according to their country of origin:

  • United States: 21 channels in the Top 50.
  • India: 14 channels in the Top 50.
  • Pakistan: 4 channels in the Top 50.
  • Russia, Japan and Turkey: 2 channels in the Top 50.
  • Bangladesh, Italy, Mexico, Moldova, South Korea and Vietnam: 1 channel each in the Top 50.

This week, 23 channels in the Top 50 are mainly active on YouTube Shorts.

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