Top 50 most watched YouTube channels in the world • Week of 03/20/2021

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Four of the top five channels in this week’s Global Top 50 received fewer viewers than the previous week, but even with this massive downturn, only one new channel was able to find its way into the upper crust of our chart.

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However, even with a lot of movement up the rankings, the #1 channel in the Global Top 50 has remained the same. And you can probably guess the name of this channel.


Will T-series ever give up its reign as the most-watched YouTube channel in the world? Not this week.

The Indian label continues to dominate the global online video scene. In the last seven days he added 786.7 million weekly views to its total lifetime. No other channel has been able to reach the 200 million views of this total. T-Series Lifetime Rating Now Over 185 billionmeaning it is still on track to top 200 billion before the end of 2022.

Like Nastya, who finished fifth in the world rankings last week, moved up to second place in our latest tally. The family vlog, which is currently based in the United States, received 562 million weekly views. Even though this was less traffic than the channel had picked up a week ago, it was still a large enough total to lead to a three-point increase, which means that other channels saw larger declines in viewership in the third week of March.

So, which channels have suffered these declines? Good, Cocomelon – nursery rhymes, for a. The California-based animation producer still had an impressive seven days of 521.3 million weekly views, but this represents 9% fewer views compared to our previous seven-day measurement period. Cocomelon is still the third channel in our Global Top 50, but it lost the top spot in our US Top 50.

The only channel in our global top five that saw more viewership this week than seven days ago is Sony SA. The Sony-owned hub, which provides TV content to South Asian internet users, finished No. 3 in the Global Top 50 after recording 424.2 million weekly views. The chain has an outside chance to get to 75 billion lifetime views Before the end of the month.

Short Break rounds out this week’s world top five. It’s the only channel in this week’s top five that gets the majority of its views on YouTube Shorts. Thanks to this platform, Shorts Break counted 380.8 million weekly views.

Top Winners

If you look at the description of ZutiGangYouTube’s most viewed video, you’ll see the creator’s appeal to subscribers. As he told his fans at the time, he was on the “road 1m” from them.

A year later, ZutiGang got its millionth subscriber. And his two millionth. And three and four and five. We need not wonder what facilitated such explosive growth. YouTube Shorts is the answer.

ZutiGang is the YouTube home of Or Zuti, known for his presence on TikTok. At first, ZutiGang’s YouTube page attracted attention with criticism of TikTok hacks, but once YouTube Shorts appeared, the focus of the channel changed. Now, when you watch ZutiGang’s most-watched videos, you’ll see plenty of practical jokes, including many iterations of the “falling box” prank seen below.

This video is the most popular I mentioned at the beginning of this section, and its lifetime audience — 246.9 million views and counting – is a big reason why ZutiGang sits in 49th place in our Global Top 50. The channel gained 30 places this week, with its audience up 21% since our last Top 50. By receiving 157.4 million weekly views for seven days, ZutiGang took their lifetime YouTube audience above 6.5 billion.

So here is. ZutiGang may have passed the “road to 1 million” subscribers, but the channel still has room to grow. 10 million subscribers is certainly not out of the question.

Channel distribution

Here is a breakdown of the 50 most watched channels this week according to their country of origin:

  • India: 18 channels in the Top 50.
  • United States: 15 channels in the Top 50.
  • Pakistan: 3 channels in the Top 50.
  • Turkey: 2 channels in the Top 50.
  • Argentina, Bangladesh, Brazil, Israel, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Moldova, Russia, United Arab Emirates and United Kingdom: 1 channel each in the Top 50.

This week, 29 channels in the Top 50 are mainly active on YouTube Shorts.

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