Top 50 most watched YouTube channels in the world • Week of 09/25/2022

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Top TikTok channels are starting to post more frequently on YouTube Shorts. As a result, this week’s Global Top 50 features a plethora of newcomers to the charts.

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However, the top channels in the ranking, including the reigning No. 1 finalist, are all YouTube mainstays.


Although there was a lot of movement and turmoil in this week’s chart, T-series is still on top of the world. The Indian label continues to control the most watched YouTube channel in the world, both weekly and permanently. Over a period of seven days, the T-Series music video and music video archive was retrieved 639.5 million weekly views. India’s largest channel also has over 225 million subscribers; this total also leads YouTube.

Another channel from the second most populous country in the world repeated itself in second position in our Global Top 50. Like T-Series, SET India provides a new home for content from TV screens. The Sony-owned channel continues to hit YouTube hard by giving South Asian audiences easy access to their favorite shows. In return, these viewers provided SET India 584.6 million weekly views in our latest count.

Last week, I discussed the idea of ​​a “big three” at the top of our Global Top 50. Indeed, these channels also took the top spots in our last table: T-Series was first, SET India was second and Cocomelon – nursery rhymes completed the trifecta. The US-based anime channel continues to top all other hubs in its home country. After picking up 580.1 million weekly viewsCocomelon almost managed to overtake SET India for second place, but not quite.

The fourth place in our Global Top 50 was able to improve its ranking position by nine places after getting 50% more views than a week ago. Diana show for children often trails other family vlogs in weekly viewership, but earns 442 million weekly viewsthe globe-trotting channel was able to leave Like Nastya, Vlad & Niki, and LeoNata Family in its rearview mirror.

This week, One more is the highest ranked YouTube shorts channel in our Global Top 50 and the #5 channel overall. The subsidiary of a media company based in Cyprus won 413.2 million weekly views.

Top Winners

A Shorts YouTube channel from Australia is one of many short-lived hubs dedicated to inspirational content. Zane Holmesan Australian creator, is one of many TikTok stars who have taken their channel to YouTube and our Global Top 50.

Holmes’ YouTube channel is still fairly new. The 220.8 million weekly views that he recorded in the last full week of September accounts for about a third of his lifetime YouTube traffic. Holmes nearly tripled that traffic week-over-week, helping him reach 29th place in the World Top 50. He was the only Australian representative in our last world ranking.

Although many of Holmes’ best videos are the kind of heartwarming fluff that’s common in the world of shorts, one of his biggest hits deserves special attention. Holmes is one of the creators who put together a “Black Ariel” supercut. By showing how excited black people were when they saw a Little Mermaid who looked like them, Holmes celebrated the power of representation — and garnered around 28 million views in the process.

Although Holmes uploaded videos to TikTok before coming to YouTube Shorts, his audience on the latter platform has already exceeded what he pulls on the former. With the imminent arrival of Shorts ads, YouTube’s micro-video community will only grow in strength.

Channel distribution

Here is a breakdown of the 50 most watched channels this week according to their country of origin:

  • United States: 18 channels in the Top 50.
  • India: 12 channels in the Top 50.
  • Pakistan and South Korea: 3 channels in the Top 50.
  • United Kingdom and Vietnam: 2 channels in the Top 50.
  • Australia, Brazil, China, Cyprus, France, Japan, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Russia and Turkey: 1 channel each in the Top 50.

This week, 29 channels in the Top 50 are mainly active on YouTube Shorts.

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