Top 6 Tech YouTube Channels Everyone Should Know About

With advancements in technology and easy access to the internet, the popularity of online videos is increasing day by day. It’s no surprise that YouTubers have been so successful because they give viewers immediate and continuous access to what’s going on in their lives. Over the past decade, YouTube has established itself as the best social media platform for influencers and content creators.

YouTube is not tied to just one branch of technology, but it has also created a platform for everyone. People who want to create content can create content and people who want to consume content can consume. As the use of technological accessories is gradually growing and choosing the right gadget for oneself is a matter in itself. Tech YouTubers are the ones you can take references from before buying tech devices. So here is the list of top tech YouTubers for you and what makes them so fascinating to watch.

1. Brownlee Brands

Marques Brownlee started making YouTube videos over a decade ago. He made tech videos for fun, to date he has gained millions of subscribers by making YouTube videos. Now he works as a chief evangelist at Razer. Shavers are the makers of excellent gaming laptops and all tech-related accessories. Marques founded her channel on March 21, 2008, best known for her tech-based videos in addition to her podcast, waveform.

2. Unpack the therapy

Another well-known tech YouTube channel is Unbox Therapy. This channel gives you the idea of ​​the newest to oldest gadget on the market. And how you can get the gadget without having to spend money to buy them. This YouTube channel was started by Jack McCann and Lewis George Hilsenteger. In 2014, Unbox Therapy uploaded a video in which Lewis appeared to bend his iPhone 6 plus using his bare hands, a video that is credited with sparking the infamous “Apple Bendgate” controversy.

As well as reviewing smartphones and laptops, Lewis also showcases some weird products (a mug that won’t spill!) you didn’t know existed. The YouTube channel has over 16 million subscribers to date and over a billion video views!

3. MrWhoseTheBoss

MrWhosetheboss has made a name for himself as a cutting-edge YouTuber when many channels are short-lived. His real name is Arun Maini, an Indian-American YouTuber, his YouTube videos are sorted and awesome. It conceptualizes what it would be like if your hobby could sustain you economically, inspires many, and watches it now how successful Arun has been. He began his journey over 10 years ago when he started on YouTube, his loyal following with around 10 million subscribers and over 1.5 billion views on YouTube.

4. Technical Guruji

Gaurav Chaudhary is a Dubai-based YouTuber known professionally as Technical Guruji. He holds an engineering degree and also works in the media. He is among the Top 10 Famous Tech YouTubers in India with a network of 22 million subscribers. As he produces YouTube technology videos in Hindi language. Gaurav Chaudhry has come a long way. He started his journey in October 2015 and now he is very famous among Indians.

5. Jonathan Rettinger

Jonathan Rettinger is a regular spokesperson for CNBC and Fox Business and is a well-known face in the tech world. He founded his tech website known as” in 2009. The channel has become a blockbuster for the tech world to discuss anything and everything about gadgets. Earlier last year, Jonathan sold his Technobuffalo website and YouTube channel to Mobile Nations.

6. iJustine

Justine founded her channel in 2006 and now has over 6.2 million subscribers! From product tips to cyber hacks and tricks – his YouTube channel has it all. She also started a program called “Vlog University with iJustine”, where she teaches her followers all about tech vlogging. This is not the end! She has also been invited to participate in many famous TV series like Law and Order, The Vampire Diaries and Criminal Minds.

There you go, folks. Here’s the list of some of the best tech YouTubers on YouTube right now.

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Raymond T. Helms