Top YouTube Channels to Learn Programming in 2022

Data science is perhaps the most dynamic field today, constantly evolving and innovating, and programming languages ​​are at the center of this growth. Python and JavaScript have long dominated the programming space, but today we also have C#, Kotlin, R, PHP, and more. While this provides great opportunities for developers and programmers, it also forces them to stay up to date with the latest languages, coding skills, and new frameworks. YouTube is one of the best resources for regularly updating and improving, and several channels today do a great job of balancing traditional languages ​​with modern introductions. Analytics India Magazine has listed some of the best YouTube channels to follow to learn programming today.

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The coding train

The Coding Train, a fun and interactive channel, is run by computer programmer, Daniel Shiffman. The channel offers “creative” coding tutorials on building games, using machine learning, simulation, JavaScript, frameworks, and more. , make a Discord Bot or code in the Cabana. His videos link to The Coding Train website, which has additional challenges students can complete after learning the basics on his YouTube.

Watch the videos here.

The internet ninja

The Net Ninja is one of the best YouTube channels to learn about web development and programming. It was founded in 2015 by University of Manchester graduate Shaun Pelling and has over 50,000 students on Udemy. Pelling offers over 1000 programming tutorials on Modern JavaScript, Node.js, React, Vue.js, Firebase, MongoDB, HTML & CSS, PHP & MySQL, Laravel, React Native and Flutter; varying according to the level of expertise. Each topic is typically taught in a series comprising of short videos ranging from introductory concepts to more advanced topics. Plus, practical projects and examples make the lessons easy to understand.

Watch the videos here.

Derek Banas

Watch Derek Banas channel and person will be fascinated with interactive video banners, video topics and interesting content. His videos are step-by-step lessons for easy learning of programming topics like PHP, Java, and MySQL. He is best known for his Learn JavaScript in 30 Minutes playlist and practical resources such as software development for Android, investing in data science, technical analysis and more. With over 700 videos, this channel has everything from traditional programming to modern machine learning and even gaming or investing.

Watch the videos here.

Programming with Mosh

Mosh Hamedani aims to train coders and software engineers to be the talents companies want to hire. Hamedani has over 2 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, largely thanks to his style of expert-derived explanations mixed with anecdotes and personal insights. He has introductory courses on Python, React, Node, Typescript, frontend development, backend development, and more. Additionally, he trains individuals to solve interview questions and talks about the market, developer salaries, trending languages, and more on the channel and his blog.

Watch the videos here.


Founded by Maximilian Schwarzmüller and Manuel Lorenz, Academind is the hub for students to start programming. Their videos cover programming languages, JavaScript frameworks, NodeJS, ReactJS, Angular, VueJS and more. The video explanations are detailed with intensive one-hour courses for beginners.

Watch the videos here.

Free code camp

Free Code Camp is a non-profit organization to teach people how to code. With courses on YouTube, their website, online discussion forums, and more, the organization claims to have over 40,000 graduates working with major tech companies. Their videos are long, in-depth content on various programming languages ​​with playlists for beginners and experts. Their videos ranging from three hours to a few minutes cover traditional and modern technologies like HTML, JavaScript, PHP, CSS, ML, data science and Python. Their YouTube channel is very popular with over 5 million students and multiple playlists.

Watch the videos here.

Media traversed

Brad Traversy is a popularly known programming blogger with a degree in computer science, who apart from YouTube also does tutorials on Udemy with over 300,000 students. His YouTube channel, Traversy Media, has nearly two million subscribers and multiple playlists covering a wide range of topics. The channel covers programming technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, frontend frameworks like React and Vue, and backend concepts like Node.js, Python, and PHP.

Watch the videos here.


One of the first YouTube channels, founded in 2008, The New Boston offers over 4,000 videos on any computer. Their videos cover a range of topics from modern blockchain, docker and discord to SEO, Python, Node.js and Gulp.js. Bucky Roberts has a degree in computer science and teaches easy-to-understand lessons, making the channel a perfect resource for beginner programmers. With the channel’s tagline saying “never stop learning”, Roberts’ videos are certainly a chosen resource for enabling continuous learning in data science. Additionally, longer tutorials are divided into smaller videos in a playlist, allowing both beginners and experts to understand the topics.

Watch the videos here.

Kevin Powell

Kevin Powell’s bi-weekly videos contain do’s and don’ts and tips for better coding experiences with CSS. It has basic introductory videos, more advanced tutorials, and interviews with experts to learn more about the topics. Besides basic knowledge, his videos are mainly based on practical applications of CSS such as cloning designs or analyzing strange behavior on CSS.

Watch the videos here.

Development tips

DevTips is a weekly show for web designers and coders with over 200 videos on CSS, HTML, Docker, Kubernetes, GitHub and more. Andrew Krause is the current owner of the channel which was initially created in 2013. Google Interaction Designer Travis Neilson and Measurement Engineer David Julius usually create these videos in an interactive way that makes learning fun. The channel also publishes interviews with experts and teachers.

Watch the videos here.

Tree house

Team Treehouse is an online learning platform for beginners who are excited about a career in coding. Their YouTube platform consists of expert hour-long lessons teaching the basics to progress on several coding topics such as Python, C#, JavaScript, CSS and more. Additionally, the channel consists of interviews and conversations with industry experts and hands-on coding like building a home automation app. Their segment, the Treehouse Show, is a roundup of the latest web development news and interview tips.

Watch the videos here.

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