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Jake Broe runs a YouTube channel under his name Jake Broe, is a former US Air Force Lieutenant and now has over 262,000 subscribers on his channel. His channel focuses exclusively on the latest updates on the war in Ukraine.

Broe, a former missile operator, changed his coverage channel from financial topics to cover only breaking news and articles that favor the Ukrainian side in its conflict with Russia. His videos now regularly get hundreds of thousands of views, and in some cases over a million views.

Assuming he gets paid at least $3 to $5 for 1,000 views, his 200,000 videos earn him $600 to $1,000 apiece per month. Since he posts almost daily, Broe could earn $24,000 a month with his popular channel.

He is not the only one. Another popular channel is Denys Davydov. He is a former airline pilot based in Kyiv, Ukraine, who lost his job in Ukraine once the war started. Now he focuses solely on the war in Ukraine and has over 464,000 subscribers to his channel.

Davydov regularly posts 600,000-800,000 views per video he posts now. This could earn between $1,800 and $2,400 or more per video at a rate of $3.00 RPM (revenue per thousand). His monthly YouTube earnings could exceed $63,000.

Even if it’s half that rate, this YouTube star makes serious bank.

Other now popular channels covering the Ukrainian side of the war are Vlad Vlexler, a political philosopher, with 90,000 subscribers, Times Radio with 187,000 subscribers, Combat Veteran Reacts (165,000 subscribers) and Insights from Ukraine and Russia (133,000 subscribers). ).

The latest, Insights from Ukraine and Russia, regularly publishes intercepted phone calls between Russian soldiers and their families back home. They often show a deeply demoralized Russian army, like this one 2 days ago where a soldier talks about losing the battle of Kherson.

The popularity of these channels is partly due to the lack of coverage of the main news channels. However, of late, CNN and ABC, and even Vice News, are turning more to war coverage.

Either way, these individual channels have carved out a unique place for themselves in war coverage and are paid very well for their views.


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