Verification stamp issued to 393 YouTube channels

The Electoral Commission (Comelec) verified that approximately 393 YouTube channels were credible sources of information for several candidates in the 2022 elections.

This after said channels on the popular video-sharing platform were able to comply with the verification process set out by the polling body.

“Account verification is a step to ensure the availability of reliable and credible sources of information for the public, an essential part of the fight against misinformation,” Comelec spokesman James Jimenez said in a statement. short press release last Thursday.

The pollster said he coordinated with YouTube to verify said channels “regardless of subscriber count” just before the campaign period began last Tuesday.

“All official, state and local candidates, party groups and political parties who have submitted their YouTube channel to the Election Commission now have a verified badge,” Jimenez said.

Comelec Resolution 10730 requires that websites and other social media platforms used for the endorsement or candidacy of all registered political parties/coalitions and bona fide candidates be registered with Comelec.

Some applicants expressed concern about this requirement, particularly for their YouTube channels, as they expected it to require them to have a minimum number of subscribers.

“We have worked with YouTube to verify these channels, regardless of subscriber count, and will continue to work in close coordination as we strive to deliver information that will be useful to voters through these trusted channels,” said Jimenez.

Raymond T. Helms